16) Trapped With An Arrogant Bad Ass

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Title: Trapped with an arrogant bad ass

Author: xXMopelXx

Category: Teen Fiction

Rating: PG-13

Description: "You're looking for trouble, Cade," I warned, arching an eyebrow in his direction.

The corner of his mouth tipped up, and he flashed me a sardonic smirk.

"Baby girl, trouble is my middle name."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

When the season's biggest snow storm is brewing outside, and you somehow end up locked inside school, saying that you are freaking out is an understatement.

Who knew that printing out her biology paper after school would cost Ella Collins to spend the night trapped inside her own personal hell-hole with none other than her arch-nemesis.

Who knew that putting an ex-cheerleader and a bad boy together could be such a disastrous combo? Certainly not the big man upstairs.

A model student, Ella Collins is the perfect definition of a good girl. Cade Brown just so happens to be every parents worst nightmare. Oh, and let me tell you something: They hate each other with a burning passion

so strong that it could put flames to shame.

The thought of spending more than five minutes in each others presence makes them want to strangle each other to death. Oh, and there's also the fact that they have an interesting past. Yeah, one they would never, ever dare to talk about.

So now what? Join these two teens as they dodge the obstacles thrown their way and try to make it through one crazy night packed with secrets, truths, and lies.

This is a short tale about forgiving and forgetting. Are these two willing to forget every grudge they've held and finally come to an understanding?

Review: Hmm well I don't know 'bout you guys, but this was an interesting book to me. I can't believe what the librarian did!! I understand she loathes the ground that Ella walks on but really? She couldn't wait five more minutes? Bitch!

Callie is a major bitch too, even though she's Ella's best friend.

I ain't gonna ruin the book for you lovelies, but these two's past is overwhelming in some kind of way. I think he was a jerk at the beginning but I guess he has a good reason to act like one. I admit Ella might have had the right also to act the way she did, I mean she did see him.

COME ON GUYS readdddd itttt I'm begging you it's a great story I promise. :)

Happy reading,


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