67) Maid For Hire

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Title: Maid for hire

Author: demonicblackcat

Category: Teen Fiction

Rating: PG-13

Description: What would you do if your new boss if your biggest enemy in school? Popular girl Andrea Robinson has a big secret: she's actually very poor and has to work her butt off to maintain her lifestyle. But when she finds out that she's working for Alec Blaze, the school's most despicable player who dumped her bestfriend 2 years ago, as his maid, her life is completely turned around.

Alec finds absolute pleasure from annoying the hell out of her, and often she finds herself trying not to beat him up into a mush. But what is actually Alec hiding from everyone? Why he is such a different person at his house?

Most importantly, why is it getting harder and harder to hate Alec freaking Blaze?

Review: Wooo two updates in one day!! Okay here's the list. 

1) Andrea: I freaking love this girl! Seriously I love her to death. Not just because she's funny, but because she at least has a backbone and for once she's not a damsel in distress waiting for her knight to come and rescue her. She actually can fight. She can defend her self, and for once, and I thank the author for that, she is the knight and the boy is the damsel xD I have to admit though, she's really really stupid when it comes to Alec and Gabe. Basically when it comes to love. She doesn't know a thing about her feelings which is so frustrating guys!! I mean she's leading on two freaking amazing guys and that's not okay with me. Either way, she's a funny girl and I love her personality. 

2) Alec: Well Alec here is an amazing boy!! He can be a really sweet guy but sometimes he really acts like a jerk. Especially when he found out about Andrea working as a maid for him. To be completely honest with you lovelies, he's an amazing boy that I find cute yes, but he also is an idiot. I was so shocked when I figured out what made him the guy that he is in the entire book. I guess he blames himself and wants to be like HIM. I'm so glad that  he found himself at the end I really am. And also what he did the last chapter was sooo cute. I was melting throughout the whole thing! And he's as funny as Andrea if not more xD Those two are hilarious I swear.

3) Gabriel: This guy here ughhh! What is he an idiot??? How could he get himself involved with this when he knew it was so freaking impossible for it to work? He's such a stupid guy! I was so angry at him for doing that. But damn it he's a sweet guy. Swoon worthy I swear. He's so adorable. Even though I love Alec freaking Blaze, as Andrea would say it,  I do love Gabriel too. He sacrified his heart for his friend and that's really saying something. He won my heart from the first time he spoke. 

4) Plot: Okay first of all I have to admit that it has a lot of grammatical errors, but the author did warn the readers, so please be nice about it you've been warned alright? Now let's move on to the storyline.. It all began when she was hired as a maid to work for her enemy. Be aware that she didn't know it was his house. That's where all the fun began ;) Alec started having fun and taking advantage of the fact that Andrea is working for him. Oh my gosh you have no idea how much I love this book. I swear it should be categorized as humor and not teen fiction because it was hilarious! I was laughing my butt off throughout the whole novel. That's how funny it is. Not to mention the perfection of the retorts. Amazing, just amazing!! I love this author so much for the efforts she put in the book! 

I'm sure everybody loves a great laugh from time to time, and I assure you this book does the deed. So add it and read it. It's a great read and I'm sure you'll never regret reading it. :)


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