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61) The Suit War

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Title: The suit war

Author: JAYA1014

Category: Fantasy

Rating: PG

Description: One, two, three, four; I declare a suit war.

In a parallel universe known as Drac, the four kingdoms (called suits) have been at war for centuries. Each suit (Spades, Clubs, Diamonds, and Hearts) is made up of a playing card hierarchy that is ruled by the King, Queen, and Jack, and every subject is born with their suit and number imprinted on the back of their neck. The number (a rounded-up average of their parents’ numbers that is between two and ten) is based off their ancestors’ loyalty to the Crown.

There is, however, one randomly selected person in each suit that is born with an A (the symbol of the Ace) on their neck, making them the societal outcast. It is forbidden for the four aces of Drac to ever come together, because there is a myth that if all four of them join hands, they can set off an explosion that will kill all living beings except for themselves. Regardless, the Ace of Hearts, thirteen-year-old Celia Rumer, decides to try her luck in rallying the aces together after the King of Hearts suddenly commits suicide. She hopes that the threat of the four aces banding together will bring an end to the suit war, but will she be able to find the other aces without facing dire consequences of breaking the law?

Review: Oh my freaking God!!!! This is like, my dream book!!! :P Did you guys know that there's such a great book on wattpad?! I'm sooo glad and I feel so honored because of reading such an amazing book. Let me start my review, and then I'll tell you just how much this book is awesome!!

Here's the list:

1) Plot: I'm gonna say it one more time: OH MY GOD!!! I have no idea why this book is not popular. The plot was amazing, it was so different from other books here on wattpad. I mean, have you ever read a story about decks of cards? About a war between them? The story was about a war between the four suits, trying to win the war. The fact that this was a short story made me sooo sad though, because I'm selfish like that, and because I wanted more adventures and more of the characters, especially Winder xD I loved every single letter written in the book!!! I found it perfect. I can tell from the way the book turned out to be, from the way words were formed into letters, that the author is so talented!! I still can't understand why this book doesn't have millions and millions of reads. I'm sure you will never ever ever regret reading the story. I'm telling you it's phenomenal, a masterpiece!! I loved everything about it.

2) Celia: Even though she dropped out of school at a young age, Celia is such a smart little girl. She was the one who came up with, and started, the whole thing (I'm not telling you what it is). She's a sweet young lady, very kind hearted. I loved her personality so much. At least she's realistic you know? Well as realistic as she can be in a fictional book :p

2) Brick: Well all I'm going to say about Brick is that he's a douchebag. I would've named him Dick instead of Brick if I were the author, but oh well. xD Fortunately he didn't cause a lot of problems. I mean it's not that big of a deal, almost kill- oops xD Sorry @JAYA1014 it almost slipped there. ;) :p

3) Winder: Winder here is my favourite character in the book. He's one hilarious guy let me tell you. He can be a pain in the ass sometimes but I adore him, I really do :p He's just amazing, the bickering always the most entertaining thing ever. You can never get bored of him. I think I fell in love with him xD the "my diamond jewels" thing was hilarious!! :') I was so mad at him in the end though. I mean how could he betray Celia like that?? What an idiot!! He told the queen about her guys. Who the hell does that?? But who knows, maybe he didn't, and I'm just lying to you lovelies :p Or am I?

4) Kanon: Kanon is amazing. He's sweet and really reaaally patient. I would've killed them if I were him you know? xD He truly is sweet and awesome I just wish he was faster than he was. He broke my heart at the end. How could he?? *cries in the corner* 

5) Roe: He's realy a different case. cx He's the bad boy in the book, and you know how much I love bad boys, so I loved him. He can be scary sometimes, but he's just as funny as Winder and I love them both to death. When he hit Winder I laughed so hard. I still laugh every time I think of that scene!!

6) The jokers: Those two are hilarious. The rhymes were awesome, the way they behaved is awesome, everything about them was awesome. I always anticipated their appearance :p I just wish they were involved in the story more because I fell in love with their rhymes. Props to the author, those were amazing. 

Finally, before I publish this, I would like to thank the author for messaging me, and I want to tell her that I would love a sequel for this amazing story.

So.... that's it lovelies, I'm begging you to drop everything you're doing, add the story to your library, read it, vote, comment, and share it. I would love it if the book becomes more popular than this. 

Don't forget to share you opinions with me in the comments section,

Love you all, 

Mariana. :)

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