24) Our Song

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Title: Our song

Author: MP13Girl

Category: Romance

Rating: PG-13

Description: Leah is beautiful, outgoing, and popular. Because of this, she's gotten everything she’s ever wanted. Except for one thing. All she's ever really wanted was to please people, but she never seems to be able to. Unlike her friends, she doesn't care about any of the superficial things that seem so important. To Leah, if something isn't fair, it just isn't right. So when an isolated classmate named Blake gets to listen to music during class while no one else can, she can’t help but feel annoyed by him.

When their English teacher partners the two of them up for a project that will last them the entire school year, this only adds fuel to the fire. Their assignment is to create a song describing their relationship. Sounds easy, right? Not for these two.

Blake is different, and Leah is about to find out that different is just what she wants and needs. But what she doesn't know is that Blake has a secret, and it's something he desperately wants to keep from her. Falling in love with someone isn't as easy as it might seem. Life isn't fair, but Leah and Blake are about to find out that love isn't either.

Review: Alright guys, since I have to go, I'm gonna keep this short yet useful so you could get a general idea about this book. Leah is a popular girl in her school (which I thank the Lord for, because every single book here on wattpad portrays the girl as a nerd whom no body wants to talk to), everybody wants to be her friend and all. At first, she was so mean and annoying and judgemental. Typical. She was so annoyed because Blake listens to music in class and nobody tells him off. Once she got to know him though everything changed, she even helped Blake with his problem. But there's still this secret that he's trying to keep from her.

As for Blake, he's a sweet guy who's trying to finish high school without any problem, but soon finds out that it's quite impossible to do that. And what proves that, is the fact that the teacher paired him with Leah for a project. I sympathize with him, especially since he has been through so much.

There's also Leah's best friend... I loathed her. She's so fucking annoying. And her mother is as annoying as her best friend.

Alright, that's it for now my lovelies, I'll try to update tonight again, but that's not likely. So I'll see you tomorrow!! Yeah that's more like it!! :) 


Note: There's a sequel for this novel called "our everlasting melody". It's a romance too. And it's as good as this one.

Have a nice day/ night. 

Mariana. :)

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