41) Parents In Training

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Title: Parents in training

Author: _coachella

Category: Romance

Rating: PG-13

Description: Baby projects are meant to teach people how to be parents, right? And the babies are mechanical, plastic and super annoying; they do everything a real baby would. Except, they're not meant to change into a real baby overnight.

Review: Okay I'm so so so sorry I took so long but I had an extremely busy week what's with the university and all. Anyway I'm pretty sure you don't care about that so I'll start with my review and get it over with :P

Okay I have to warn you though that I've read this book a long long time ago and I don't really remember the name of the characters or their personalities unfortunately. But I honestly know the events and what happens so you can trust me when I say that it's one hell of an awesome book :)

The events and the plot were amazing and I loved the fact that Bella hated Leon so much it was kind of funny :)

I loved the fact that the baby became real and loved how all the events unfolded. The way they fall in love with each other is so cute!! Like really really cute!!

All in all I loved this book so much!! They travelled all around the world trying to find the clues and all and along the way they got to know each other and they fell in love and got attached to the baby which they named Tori. I think.

Anyway, as I said before I don't remember every single detail in this book but I sure as hell would remember if I enjoyed it or not wouldn't I?! And I'm telling you I enjoyed it so freaking much I wish she wrote a sequel :( But I think there's a one shot written by another author called "Need more training?"

Now to be honest I haven't read that one yet but I think it's about these two's real daughter and her own adventure when Tori the doll makes another appearance as a grown up. :)

Okay I guess that's all guys :)

I hope you read the story. It's amazing I promise. I personally enjoyed it a lot and I'm pretty damn sure you'll love it too :)

Have fun reading,


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