53) Not Exactly Romeo & Juliet

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Title: Not exactly Romeo & Juliet

Author: kpgcatlover

Category: Humor

Rating: PG-13

Description: ♥ Romeo and Juliet; one of the most well-known romance stories of all time.

Forbidden love, dramatic deaths, beautiful poetry; what isn’t to love about it?

Well, Juliet Callans could give you one reason she doesn’t like it – the names of the two people the book is centered on.

Romeo and Juliet.

Sadly, she has the same name as Juliet, and because of poor planning, her enemy was named Romeo.

Why was he her enemy?

Well, the Callans family and the Millar family have never been very… Kind to one another. And that hatred has definitely been passed down to both Romeo and Juliet.

The two might share the same names as one of the world’s most famous couples, but they definitely don’t share the same love.

Or do they?

Review: Okay okay I know this is the third book for this author that I write about, but I can't help it, she's just so talented at such a young age, that I have to talk about her masterpieces and genius novels :)

I'm gonna talk about this book the same way I did with the last one. A list of the things and characters that I have to mention.

1- The plot: Okay, I started reading this story yesterday and it's perfect so far let me tell you. It just hooked me from the first two words I've read. Basically this story starts with pranks, so you can only imagine how things are gonna turn out throughout the story xD Kay (the author) wanted to show just how much these people hate each other by having Juliet play a prank on her rivals!! Next thing you know, everything is escalating as a mysterious guy walks into the ball room and she bumps into him!! :') The first chapter was the most hilarious chapter I have ever read!! Especially towards the end of it :P The plot is amazing and the general idea of the book is just great. It's different.

2- Juliet: What an awesome character Kay!! I really like her and I like her personality. The only thing that got me angry about her is the fact that she's an idiot sometimes when it comes to Romeo. I mean, she always makes the wrong decision but you'll get used to it xD She's a rebel and she is a well known prankster. She gets in a lot of trouble just because she's a badass xD And when she gets jealous? You will not believe what happens. I DIED when I reached that scene. And when they were at school and she dum- uh oh sorry guys, that's for me to know, and for you to find out ;)

3- Romeo: Well Romeo here LOVES KISSING. He really is addicted to this thing called kissing. It's like it's his drug or something :p He's a sweet guy though, I liked him. He'll always make you 'awe' and you will definitely wish there are men out there in the real world that are like him. Because I truly believe there isn't. I really like his character. I would, without doubt, marry him if I were in Juliet's shoes. I just loved him.

4- The rivalry: Oh My Gosh, you will not believe why these two families are enemies. The reason was so not what I was expecting!! I literally facepalmed. The feud started a really long time ago as mentioned in the book. Can you believe that it's because of ch- Whoops. Not gonna happen ;) You'll have to read the book to know the actual reason. Could it be a murder? Could it be a fight over a territory? Could it be a love story gone bad? Maybe it's because of the elections!! Ohhh maybe it's because of a child!! Who knows right? Well I know because I read the book!! And now it's your turn to find out.

It's a great book.

So go ahead and read the novel it's a good one. At least I enjoyed reading it. And I had fun. :)

Enjoy guys,


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