11) Death Is My BFF

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Title: Death is my BFF

Author: katrocks247

Category: Humor

Rating: PG-13

Description: This is the first book of the Original Death is My BFF Series, which won the Watty Award in 2011!


Death came knocking at her door.

Well actually, he pounded.

Faith Williams has always been a little odd, but never before did she think she was one of a kind. Enter Death, the legendary, sadistic, and irresistible Grim Reaper who sparred Faith's life when she was a child. The more she tries to resist him, the more he's popping up in her life and turning it entirely upside down. Death is dangerous with a dark past and a thirst for revenge, and Faith Williams is slowly becoming unable to resist his power over her.

Who is the man under the hood? What does he want with her?

Most importantly, why the hell does he have a name for his scythe?

Review: Alright lovelies, I'll be putting the order of the other books, because this is a series, right below this review just so you could read them in order and understand what's going on. Also you should know that the author of this novel has a rewritten version for this book in particular (I think she's gonna publish the rewritten one, but I'm not exactly sure), I'll tell you the names at the end.

Moving on, I freaking love Death xD Now I know what you're thinking, who the hell loves death?

Well I do!! I'm pretty sure you'll love him just as much as I do when you read these books. He's creepily funny but still funny in his own way :P His replies to everything are always funny even his actions are hilarious sometimes. I hate the fact that he's hurting, he should be the one causing pain (In the books of course, which he does, for revenge), yet he's the one who's in major pain. These books talk about his past in heaven then what happened which got him kicked out of there.

Now the main characters are Death and Faith. Faith in this book, well let's just say you'll always think she's crazy or she's hallucinating BUT you'll understand everything I promise :) Again I have to express my LOVE towards Death. XD


Hands down dear author you're an absolute genius. :)

Now for the names of the other books in Death is my BFF series:

Book one: Death is my BFF (The rewritten version has the same name guys, it has different content than the first one, but I have to agree with the writer here, it's just as enjoyable as the original one.)

Book two: Death is my BFFLAD

Book three: Death is my frenemy

Book four: Death is my friend with benefits (Don't worry guys there's no grafic scenes in there, neither there is any sex scenes, like, at all. I think lol :P)

Book five: Death is my soul mate (Now this book is still not completed katrocks247 is still in the process of writing it).


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