38) Despicable Arrogance

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Title: Despicable arrogance

Author: istolethecookiez

Category: Humor

Rating: PG-13

Description: There are five things that I hate:

1.) Arrogant Guys

2.) Guys who have girls falling at their feet and they proceed to use them

3.) Guys who assume everyone loves them

4.) Guys who ride motorcycles

5.) Strawberry Ice Cream

And Grayson Carter just so happens to be 4 of them. Even his name sounds like a celebrity’s: Grayson Carter.

The boy is everywhere; he lives down the street from me, he goes to my school, our mothers are even longtime friends yet he doesn't even know my name. The only place I can get away from him is my part time job at the library and the day he comes sauntering in looking for a job is the day I just might go insane.

Review:Hey guys, guysss listen to this!!!! This is another bad boy story but it ain't cliche at all.

It's the first bad boy story I read where the girl has a back bone!! The beginning of this book was EPIC!! Her hate towards Grayson is so funny. I loved Audrey so much from the first time she uttered a word xD And OH MY GOD this story is just amazeballs guys!

I loved the fact that she didn't lose her composure when he leaned closer to her and I absolutely love it when she comments on everything because her comments alone are what makes the novel that much more funny and interesting xD

The most amazing moment is when she asked Grayson if he actually knows the alphabet. That was great. *shakes head in amusement*

Grayson on the other hand is just as awesome as Audrey if not more. There's not a single thing he can't do :P Which makes Audrey hate him even more than she originally does xD

I liked their friends too.

Now as much as I would like to talk about the characters, if I continue I wouldn't stop anytime soon because all of them are awesome and amazing and perfect and just woah!!!

So I'm gonna talk a bit about the story and its plot... So basically the story starts with five things Audrey hates the most.

Now I have to disagree with her on some things, like arrogant guys. You may find it a little weird but I actually like arrogant guys but not overly arrogant guys. I also like guys who ride motorcycles but I have to admit, I may be a tiny bit afraid of riding them myself since I know how many people die because of those. And I like strawberry ice cream. *pouts*

Okay back to the story, she proceeds to tell you guys a bit about Grayson and how much she hates him and all and I found her a little bit stalkerish when it came to this part but whatever it was funny :P

When Grayson finds about her secret crush he asks her for a favor and what does she do? Well let's just say it was the most beautiful scene ever written :P The pranks were so funny.

Well anyway, the end of the book was beautiful I freaking adored it!! Grayson's point of views were adorable :)

Ughhhh everything was greatttt in this story and I don't think words are enough when it comes to this!!

Come on guys I know you want to read it, it's sooo good and sooo beautiful. I highly recommend it and if anyone asked me to rate the novel I would rate it 9 or 10 over 10. That's how good it is!!


Have a nice day/night,

Mariana. :D

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