63) Little Red

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Title: Little Red

Author: _jeannie


Rating: PG-13

Description: "I told you this isn't some cliche story, Rider!" I shouted with every ounce of fury I felt for that boy. "I'm not going to fall for the school's bad boy just because you like my new look!"

Cinderella got her Prince Charming. Belle got her Beast. Tiana got her Prince Naveen. Jasmine got Aladdin. And I? I got The Bad Boy.

Review: Whoop whoop I made it!! :) Well I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to update, but I made it :P Okay, let the rambling begin!! xD

1) Luna (the author): Oh my God, before I start with the details of this story, I have to talk about the author of this book because let me tell you something lovelies, this girl rocks!! I don't know about you but I love her!!! I mean she's just so funny. Her a/n at the end of each chapter were so hilarious!! :P I always looked forward to reading her a/ns, she always managed to make my day xD She's my role model :p Seriously guys, she is no kidding. Not to mention that she has great taste in music. Her music choices were awesome!!

2) London: Well... this girl can be an idiot sometimes. I love her don't get me wrong, but she's too emotional. She's a really sweet rich girl that's been through a lot. She's funny, loving, and a sweetheart, but damn, can she be an idiot!! Her personality is awesome, I laughed so hard at her when she got at her new school. She really has a bad luck that girl :P Even though everything about her makes me want to cringe, not because she's making something embarrassing, but damn her luck she really has it hard :P And by the way, I love her nickname :P

3) London's parents: Well.... let's just say they are a little bit too different from normal parents xD Her mom is crazy guys she really is. She has this crazy personality I wish I had!! She'll scar you for life, but trust me you'll love her xD Her dad is really laid back, I have no idea how he can be so calm while my dad would probably chop my boyfriend's balls if he so much as tried to hold my hand :P He's so cute though and the way he treats his wife is really adorable!! Oh my God I hope when I get married we'd be like her parents. Their love is so cute, although they gross me out a little bit when they talk about sex lol.

4) Heather and Blake : Heather!!! This big bitch!! I FREAKING LOVE HER TO DEATH!!! I hope you guys understand just how much I'm in love with her love story with Blake when you read the book!! She's so hyper (if you know what I mean) ;) She has a perfect personality. She's crazy, she's funny, she's always positive, and she's been through so much, but damn is she lucky to have Blake. Blake on the other hand, is the cutest thing ever. Seriously, he loves Heather so sooo much and treats her like a princess. I was like: "Damn where can I get this dude? He's one of a kind."

5) McKenzie: Well this fucker, excuse my language, deserves every single bad thing to happen to him, and if you ask me, he deserved what happened to him. What a douchebag!! He disgusts me. How can you treat someone as amazing as London like that? I sooo wanted to kill him. I seriously turned murderous. No kidding. I almost flipped my mom the bird, but thank God I caught myself the last minute. xD That is all I'm going to say about this guy.

6) Ryder: Well, Ryder is an idiot xD But he's an adorable idiot. And even though he can seriously be dumb sometimes, I loved him. He's awesome, so sweet, and he really makes me swoon, except for the times he acts like a fucking pig. You'll understand eventually why he acts like that and when you understand you'll piss yourself because damn this story can be scary at times!! I wonder what can his reason be? Can he be a murderer? Is he gay? Is he in a gang? Maybe involved with the mafia? Who is he, that Ryder's always talking about? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU HIDING RYDER?? xD Well do you want a hint? It's something really scary, and it's going to affect both Ryder and London and jeopardise their lives and safety.

7) Caleb: Well all I'm going to say about this guy here is that I hated him at first but don't worry you'll learn to love him and he's very sweet once you get to know him.

8) Plot: Alright, when you read this book, you'll have to be prepared for everything. I mean when I first started reading it, I thought that it's going to be a humor novel, but damn it Luna has no mercy on her readers xD I almost died of a heart attack because of this story. I mean one moment it's funny and I'm laughing until I can't breathe anymore, and then BAM something, whether it's good or bad, happens and leaves me speechless, my jaw on the floor. The story is funny, but it has these crazy scary moments and scenes that left me shuddering in fright, but seriously it has everything. I laughed so hard at the end of the first chapter, I cried when Ryder was in that building and it expl- oh damn!! Luna's going to kill me, I almost spoiled it!! Anyways, I swooned and awed, I shouted and cursed, and most of all, I wouldn't sleep until I finished the book, that's how much it captivated me. xP All I know is that you HAVE to read this novel it will leave you speechless!!

Okay that's all for now guys, I hope you enjoy the book. Don't forget to add it to the library, read it, comment on it, vote, and share your opinions with me here!!

Love you all,

Mariana. :)

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