59) Santa's Not Fat

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Title: Santa's not fat

Author: Chelstopolis

Category: Romance

Rating: PG-13

Description: A tradition goes that every year, Santa’s first born son will be the next Santa once the original Santa reaches the age of 50. When Santa’s son is five, he must look down and select someone that he thinks will be perfect for him. He then must wait for her until her twenty-second Christmas. Through those years, the girl must remain pure until the night of Christmas Eve, where she and her Santa will be together.

Porter chose the wrong girl.

He watched down in horror as exactly twenty-seven days before Christmas she lost her purity to some guy she met in a club. In the generations of seventy-three Santa’s, no one has ever chosen the wrong girl. He can’t become Santa without a wife. Without his other half. He is a disgrace to his family, and to the entire world.

That’s when he lays eyes on his chosen’s best friend. With her long, chestnut ringlets and shining blue eyes, she was a sight to see. So much more beautiful than his chosen. And she was pure.

Santa offers Porter a deal. Starting on December 1st, he has twenty-five days to make his chestnut-haired beauty fall in love with him, and unite with him on Christmas Eve. If he fails, then the position of Santa goes to his younger brother and his chosen one.

Porter’s ready for the challenge, though. Looking down at stubborn-headed, Holiday-loving Kristina Walsh, he knows he made a mistake. She was his other half. And he was going to have her, no matter what it took.

Review: Alright first of all, I'm gonna start by saying that from now on, my reviews will be in a form of a list, just like a couple of reviews I wrote previously on here. I felt like they were more organised and I kind of tend to ramble a little more when I write randomly.

Back to the story though, I LOVED it. Yes, you're seeing right, I LOVED it with capital letters. What an amazing book! What an original idea! What a great imagination!! I can't even start to describe my love for this story. Just because of this book, I just got another top five list. And this ranked first place. Let me tell you why exactly it deserves to be in the first rank. First of all, it is truly an original idea. There is not one book I read on wattpad that had the same idea, or even subject as this book. The title alone grabs your attention actually.

It is a narrated story by the way. The events unfold gradually, there was no rush, it was planned out perfectly and I found it flawless to be honest. Of course, there are a few typos but that's not what makes the book flawless in my opinion. What makes it flawless is, when you read it, you find not even a questionable phrase or word. It is understandable, readable and it doesn't confuse you. Everything is explained, I didn't find a scene where I couldn't figure out what they were talking about, or who the character is. 

That's why I consider it  really successful.

As for the plot? Well let's just say it is one interesting plot. I think it was really romantic, this novel. It was well planned. In one word? Outstanding!! Unique. :)

The characters on the other hand, are awesome. Porter is sooo sweet and caring. He's adorable and cute. He will definitely make you swoon. He's just so cute for his own good. I loved everything about him. He's kind, he's lovely, lovable, loving, a sweetheart. He treats children in the most adoring way you could ever imagine. It was really an attractive quality. I mean sure he's Santa, he should treat children that way but it's just very attractive. I like a guy who can take care of children and make them happy. 

Kristina -notice the beautiful name- is... how do you say it? Well I found her a little bit submissive. She's a shy girl, but when it comes to Porter, there is this one side of her that will leave you stunned, speechless even :P She is kind hearted, a Miss Claus at heart really. She's perfect, and she fits the job description perfectly :p She loves children, and Christmas, and she's just the sweetest girl you'll ever know. I liked that about her. She's really one of a kind. You don't find many people these days who just go around helping others just for the heck of it you know? And that's just sad. :/ 

Finally, the elves. The elves are awesome guys. They are really funny and you'll love all of them!! Kristina's best friend is a bitch. I hated her, I still do. And her ex? Well let's just say, if I find him, I'll personally make sure he'll never have any children in his entire life. :p

One more thing about this story before I go, it will make you sooo jealous of Kristina. porter is just perfect. *sighs dreamily* I just wish he really exists. 

Anyways, that's it for now guys. Don't forget to add the story, vote, comment, and share your opinions in the comments section :)

Have a good day/ night,


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