35) Chairs

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Title: Chairs

Author: lovestoriesforever

Category: Mystery/Thriller

Rating: PG-13

Description: "Okay, where do you want me to start?"

"Anywhere you wish."

"There were five of us. Dani, Elizabeth, Audrey, Taylor and me. We spent about 9 months in the basement. The walls where cement. The floor was cement. We each had our own chairs. Dani had her baby blue chair with white roses in the upper right corner. Elizabeth had her pale pink chair with white daiseys in the lower right corner. Audrey had her yellow chair with white roses in the upper left corner. Taylor had her black chair with red roses in the lower left corner. I had a white chair with sunflowers that sat in the center, the very center of the room. Each of us had a light above our heads. There were no covers in the lights just the wires losely hanging with the light attached at the end. The front legs of all our chairs had buckles that when we sat down they were right where our ankles were like he knew just were to put them. There were buckles on our arm rests that when we laid are arms on them the buckels our wrist were in the perfect spot. I think its funny how we all never made the conecction."

"What conecction would that be?"

"That we all have brown hair, blue eyes, were 5'5, all weighed 130. That when you put the first letter of each of our names together it spells Death. I love how at one point we all thought something, right before we were taken. Dani thought she was going to get mail. Elizabeth thought she was picking up dinner. Audrey thought she was going to class. Taylor thought she was taking her dog for a walk and I thought I was going to marry him and that I loved him with all my heart."

Review: Okay this is another mystery/thriller book which captivated me and grabbed my attention. I have to admit, the book needs major editing but I guess that's it's only problem. Personally I would love to help the author I mean I'm pretty good in english but I'm afraid English isn't my first language so I don't think it will work out well... 

Anyway, apart from the numerous mistakes in the book, the plot was great, I liked the idea and everything about it. To be honest I read this story a long time ago so I don't remember exactly the names of the characters, but I remember perfectly well what happened and the last chapter shocked the hell out of me xD 

I was so disgusted there exists people like this. Like seriously, what the hell? But good job dear author it was a great work and such a genius idea :)

As much as I hated the guy and was disgusted by him, I loved your work :)

Alright that's it guys, I'm sorry for the late update but I have an exam tomorrow that I need to pass so I could go to college and I had to study. 

Read the story lovelies it's a good one and I promise once you ignore the mistakes you'll find yourselves actually enjoying this novel. 

Until next time,

Mariana. :)

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