5) The Heartbroken Heartbreaker

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Title: The heartbroken heartbreaker

Author: SamMadison

Category: Humor

Rating: PG-13

Description: He let out a frustrated groan. "One day", he  said, "one day you'll realize you're taking me for granted. And you'll fall helplessly in love with me."

"I highly doubt that." I looked out the window.

That would never happen, I kept telling myself, it would never happen.


When kyla Evans was dumped by her best friend-slash-boyfriend, Cedric, she was devastated. Convinced that her whole life came tumbling down, she promised that she would definitely get back at him, seeking nothing but revenge.

She abandoned her glasses and sweatshirts, determined to make Cedric regret ever dumping her. What she wants: Revenge.

How she's planning to get it: By going out with the school's biggest player; the person her ex-boyfriend loathes the most __

Seth Everett.

Review: This book totally broke my heart. The last few chapters left me so heartbroken I kept crying the whole day D: I'm just completely in love with the characters. Seth is adorable, Kyla is just so cringy sometimes but I love her anyway. Her's and Seth's past are painful to listen to but it's what makes the story more interesting. As for  Cedric, let's just say he's so sweet I would have loved to meet him in person. He broke his heart and Kyla's heart but I guess he had a good reason. The ending though is the most heartbreaking ending I've ever read. If you want to know what happens to these characters and the cause of their heartbreak then READ IT!!! I PROMISE IT'S SO WORTH IT :)

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