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65) F.A.I.T.H: A Dorm. A Delinquent. A Girl.

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Title: F.A.I.T.H: A dorm. A delinquent. A girl

Author: JoPRBooks

Category: Teen Fiction

Rating: PG-13

Description: “But—we’re different genders…” Suddenly, the situation was becoming more real, more clear in her head. Every night, she was supposed to sleep in the same room with a guy, Jessie nonetheless.

Mrs. Caravelle smiled. “I know that hun. But I can tell that both of you are very well mannered. I give you my word Rihanna that absolutely nothing will happen between the two of you. Isn’t that right Jessie?”

She looked at Jessie, who swallowed and put on a fake smile.

“Yeah, nothing will happen.”

Review: Okay, this is going to be so diffcult. In fact, this review might be the most difficult review I'm ever going to write on here because I'm so so so afraid that I might spoil the entire book for you guys, and if that happens, I will never ever forgive myself for this. See, this book has really left a scar deep within me. It affected me sooo much, and I hope it has the same effect on you because I'm sure that's what the author wants. She wants to affect the readers with her writing, and I have to say that I'm so deeply in love with her style and I'm so honored that I had the chance to read such an amazing and lovely book. Please keep in mind that this review is not going to be detailed so much. It's not going to be like the other reviews I wrote before because I'm going to take this a little more seriously. I'm going to talk a little less about the characters, and tell you mostly about the plot. :) In fact, I'll just talk about Rihanna and then I'll move on to the plot. But first, can you guys do me a favor? please if there's someone out there who read the book before, I'm begging you do not under any circumstances ruin this for the future readers by commenting on this review on whose side you were. Whether it's Jessie's or Connor's or Lexis' or Charles' side, please be careful we don't want to ruin the impact of this book by spoiling it. You can, however, share your opinion if you liked the book or not but nothing that spoiles the story. I'LL DELETE THE COMMENT IMMEDIATELY. And if you want you can message me the ship's name so we can discuss it in a private conversation. :) And thank you in advance. Now, without further ado, here's a review that I hope will make you add the novel, read it and the most important thing, ENJOY it.

1) Rihanna: So this girl here appears to be a really scared poor girl that just enrolled in an academy for the rich and the sophisticated. She's a really confusing girl that has this magic presence that makes all the guys she encounters fall in love with her. She's really mysterious. She is scared so easily that it's not even funny. She's always so tense. Even though she's always taking this "candy" that makes her a little bit more relaxed,  she's always tense and alert. It's like she's afraid of something. The first time she speaks you'll think she's a complete idiot. Naive even, but damn it that was hilarious. So damn funny I spent fifteen minutes of my life laughing just at that scene. xD The thing about her though, she's a really dangerous girl. She is definitely hiding something that will shock you to the core. Trust be on this. Been there, done that. She is going to be talking with a lot of guys, so you will never, and I mean ever, be able to ship her with just one. Which was quite surprising because usually, you can always guess who the girl protagonist is going to end up with. There's Jessie, there's Connor, there's Vincent, there's Charles, there's Lexis, there's Kurt, there's Joshua, and there's also Seeger. There's even Anthony, but that would be weird since he's still young. xD However, she'll end up with only one of them. Let's see if you'll guess who since they all are great and sweet. :) You'll have to be very very careful though when it comes to Rihanna because she can surprise you in the most unexpected way and on the most unexpected times. It was very fascinating, getting to know her and her personality.

2) Plot: Now for the story line. Well this might take a while 'cause I have a lot to say, but I'll try to keeP it as short as possible so you don't get bored. First of all, when I first started to read this novel, I thought it was going to be like any other normal story, but I was really taken aback by the perfection of it. The storyline was planned out perfectly, very well thought-out. You can tell from the very beginning that the story is going to be a great one. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it got published and turned into a movie very soon. The whole book was flawless. There was no holes in the plot, it went sooo smoothly that I thought I was reading a novel written by a professional, famous writer. Seriously, it was fault less. The story in general was based on psychology. I read an interview where the author said that she was fascinated about psychology, she loved it so much that she found herself wanting to write just to touch people's hearts. And let me tell you something, it worked so damn well. She succeeded. I can tell you that I am officially in love with the way she wrote the book. It was so very confusing at the beginning. You might find that frustrating, but whatever the hell happens, do not ever think about stopping. Keep reading the book or else I'm telling you, you'll regret it so fucking much. My gosh talking about this novel is so hard. I just finished reading it and it's the first book that made me cry while only thinking about it. As I was saying, it is very confusing to the point that I was going to lose my mind, but it was worth it in the end because everything was finally explained and I thanked the lord that I have such a life I really did. Now the thing about this whole story is that it will keep you on your toes, always alert, always scared that something bad is going to happen because it's such an unpredictable book with so much scary and surprising plot twists that you can't help but be on the edge all the time. Still, with all the tension and stiff moments, the author managed to make it funny and entertaining for the readers. You will never get bored of it. Not even one single chapter was a filler. All the parts in this story are important in the way it progresses. Even the small insignificant details. For instance what Jessie said to his mom in the very first chapter. It might not look like it, but trust me those little details are all hints to what is going to unfold in the future. That's why I told you it's planned out perfectly because looking back now, I was so shocked that I almost fainted from the sudden news. xD And I have to admit, I was so quick to judge the characters, but I actually learned to never take someone for granted. Trust me when I say that you are going to be so frightened for Rihanna because of Lexis and Connor and Summer, even Charles and maybe your judgement towards them is right, but you're in for a big big big surprise. The events of the story unfold really slowly, you find yourself getting emotionally attached to nearly every character.

I think this is the longest, detailed description of a storyline I have ever written. I really hope that you guys listen to what I said and read the story, seriously you'll never ever regret your decision because this is the very first book on Wattpad that affected me so much. It touches you deeply, and that's something so rare in a story. That's why I was quite invested in it and decided to take this specific review so seriously. And this is really the first review in which I took so much time writing and planning what I was going to say so I could show you guys just how much the book needs to get published. Or at least it needs to get more attention from you because it's a masterpiece. It seriously  pushed down all my favourite books in my top 10 list, and ranked the very very first place. Hands down to the author that was the most amazing and awesome and inspiring story I have ever read. 

That's it for now lovelies, I hope and I'm really praying that you add the novel to your library and read it now. Just drop everything you're doing, and read it, you'll thank me later. :) And I'm going to remind you again that even though it starts out very confusing at the beginning, it's something intentional so don't give up and lose interest in it, even though you wouldn't be able to, you'll figure everything out in the end. 

Happy reading guys, don't forget to vote for the story and comment there and share your opinions with me on here :)


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