❥|| Health

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After working hard for comebacks and fanmeeting, as well as performing on stage for their tour, Seventeen was exhausted from their schedules. Sunny was most likely the most tired person out of all of them.

Even fans started to see how tired she was. Going back and forth from practice, to the dorms, and then waking up super early to go practice again wasn't the best for her health. She even decided to go on a small diet since she gets very little to eat due to her hectic schedule.

"You have to eat." Hoshi said as he passed a plate of food over to the girl.

"I don't want to eat." Sunny said, pushing the white plate away from her.

"Sunny, look. You are tired, I understand. If you don't eat, you are going to get sick. We can all see it, you're not making the right choice to stay healthy." Hoshi said.

"Yeah, well I just don't want to eat!" Sunny yelled as she stood up and walked away.

Sunny had made her way over to the practice studio over at the Pledis building. She stayed in the small room where almost no group practiced in, as it was a little smaller than what most Pledis' groups needed.

All she wanted to do was practice to get her mind off the food she actually did want to eat. She was afraid of taking time to eat because she was scared her manager would yell at her to lose the weight she would gain, he had a history of that.

Sunny put on some music, her favorite songs, and started to dance. As time went on she fell and scraped her legs a few times, only to get back up and continue. She got more and more tired by the second and more weak, she just never realized it because she didn't want to believe she was harming her health.

As she dances to one of Seventeen's songs, she got dizzy. Quickly she tried to sit down as she knew being dizzy wasn't the best thing. When she bent down to try and sit on the floor, she lost her balance and fell.

Sunny hit her head on the wall, a small bang was heard before she fell to the ground. Her vision went blurry as she closed her eyes and then all was lost in a speck of a second.

Only a few hours later, Joshua had found her lying on the floor when he went to look for her since she hadn't been back to the dorms in a while. Joshua had already called someone for help as he tried to wake the girl up.

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