Seventeen Imagines {HIATUS} by kimchungie
Seventeen Imagines {HIATUS}by 김충희
hai carats~ here are some imagines for our kings 💕
  • minghao
  • hoshi
  • seventeen
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Sugar In My Mouth - Junhao by Thicc-Chan
Sugar In My Mouth - Junhaoby — SINGULARITY
"Be a good boy Jun", Minghao moaned. "Yes daddy", Jun said looking up at Minghao feigning Innocene. Part 3 of my Sugar Daddy SVT series
  • seokmin
  • jeonghan
  • smutwarning
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Seventeen smut by EmoWoon
Seventeen smutby Pancake wonwoo♡
Smut??? request because I have no ideas most of the time... but make sure to do it in private message or I won't make your smut ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) keke
  • wattys2018
  • xreader
  • jun
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seventeen {reactions, preferences, & imagines} II by jeju_boo
seventeen {reactions, Nammy ♡
• Do you like Seventeen? • Do you like books that allow you to imagine a relation with your bias? • Do you find these questions annoying and redundant? Well, so do I. Th...
  • mingyu
  • dk
  • the8
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goth gf ー seventeen  by XUKINOS
goth gf ー seventeen by ! HIATUS !
"wonwoo's my goth gf - shut the fuck up mingyu" 「instagram au about the 13 men that ruined all of our lives」 *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・''・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* 【the boys have instagram...
  • seventeen
  • jihoon
  • jeonghan
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His Husband's Consent ㅡ Taekook by skjnkm
His Husband's Consent ㅡ Taekookby rei 🌻
ㅡ taehyung never truly knew that one day, he would wake up, and eventually regret saying, "I do." [VKOOK]
  • seokjin
  • hoseok
  • boyxboy
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Our Little Sister ; SEVENTEEN by Dark_Angel_070
Our Little Sister ; SEVENTEENby ʝσу❦
Yoon Hyo Ri. She is mostly called "Miss Rapper" in her school because whenever there is some programs, she'll be rapping on stage. Her friends even told her to...
  • the8
  • seungcheol
  • wonwoo
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trapped inside; seventeen by svtsoverdonewithyou
trapped inside; seventeenby YMMD
"I was hoping that big rat over there would be first to drop dead" in which 13 teenage boys go through a bunch of shit with each other while clumsily getting s...
  • soonhoon
  • junhao
  • verkwan
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Number One |SEVENTEEN by CompleteDarkness
Number One |SEVENTEENby kiki ♥
In which a girl who is often mistaken for a male bumps into and makes friends with SEVENTEEN at her performing arts school... ...who have no idea she's a girl...
  • woozi
  • seungkwan
  • pledis17
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sable moon • boyxboy smuts  by abnegative
sable moon • boyxboy smuts by abnegative
Cute boys doing bad things • requests NOW CLOSED • 6 requests pending • a collection of kpop boyxboy one shots SMUT / KINK just my little ideas and fun things that d...
  • boyxboy
  • kink
  • jaeyong
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Sugar Free - Soonhoon by Thicc-Chan
Sugar Free - Soonhoonby — SINGULARITY
"please Soonyoung please", Jihoon cried out as Soonyoung avoided the one place he wanted to be touched. "uh uh thats not my name baby boy", Soonyoung...
  • soonhoon
  • seokmin
  • jun
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Instagram (seventeen) by junniequeenie
Instagram (seventeen)by maia
Where Seventeen meets there soul mates through Instagram Ships Meanie Verkwan Chancheol Jihan junhao SoonHoon and seokmins A sexual
  • chancheol
  • scoups
  • jun
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SUN-HI | SEVENTEEN 14TH MEMBERby beautifullytragic
imagines [✓] requests [✓] texts [✓] scenarios [✓] preferences [✓] smut [×] ships [✓] other groups/artists [✓] noona [✓] maknae [×] female member [✓] albums [✓] 5/22: #24...
  • dino
  • wattys2018
  • scoups
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Daddies || y.j.c.s  WATTYS2018 by rosezx
Daddies || y.j.c.s WATTYS2018by ☼ baekhyuns.nipple☼
In which a family learns how hard yet beautiful life can be. This is a crack story yet a love story with Jeongcheol. I do not own any of the seventeen members, I do own...
  • woozi
  • seokmin
  • kpop
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The New Boss [Hyungwon] [✓] by iced-tae
The New Boss [Hyungwon] [✓]by s t u c k
Basically you got dumped by your boyfriend. He cheated on you with your childhood friend. Then a guy helps you out. Pretty typical scenario right? But what happens wh...
  • monstax
  • mingyu
  • fluff
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Elevator Traps [Jeongcheol] by ohmyjisoos
Elevator Traps [Jeongcheol]by ohmyjisoos
In which two neighbors get stuck in an elevator together. Seungcheol x Jeonghan finished: March 29, 2016 ----- © Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. ohmyjisoos
  • joshua
  • jeonghan
  • kpop
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Serendipity ∞ SEOKSOO by tryxea_
Serendipity ∞ SEOKSOOby mia.
Serendipity (n.) the luck of finding something valuable or precious that is not looked nor sought for. ㅡ in which two strangers met by serendipity, yet with a twist of c...
  • hongjisoo
  • seokmin
  • leeseokmin
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boys be | seventeen  by sooonyoung
boys be | seventeen by JIRO🌻
VERY SHITTY WRITING FOR THE FIRST FEW CHAPTERS!!! REAL SHIT STARTS AT DAEIN CHAPTER this book makes seventeen's life look more horrifying than actually reading the book...
  • seokmin
  • dino
  • mingyu
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Instagram Famous | YOONSEOK by kpfics
Instagram Famous | YOONSEOKby FUGLY DORK
Meet 7 boys whose lives revolve around the social media called INSTAGRAM
  • ig
  • yoonseokmin
  • taehyung
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Daddy;Soonhoon Fanfic[Ongoing] by pinkeusoonhoon
Daddy;Soonhoon Fanfic[Ongoing]by dream☁️
In which Soonyoung adopts baby Jihoon and becomes his daddy. Includes both fluff and angst🌻 Highest: Rank #2 in Hozi Started on: 7/6/18 Completed on: _ / _ / __
  • wonwoo
  • jisoo
  • wattys2018
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