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Raw Line| SVT by slidejoy11
Raw Line| SVTby 𝚑𝚊𝚒𝚕𝚎𝚗𝚎
You don't realize how dangerous it is to play with fire until you get burnt. That's why her sister never thought of warning her that she might get hurt. Because they did...
Mr. Ex by uwayabee
Mr. Exby uwayabee
Working with a famous idol group is probably every fan's dream job. Except when you find out one of the members turns out to be your ex-boyfriend from years ago. The one...
When she runs across 13 men who give her the choice to either be SLAUGHTERED or SLAVED Which does she choose? Disclaimer: This story is entirely fictional and there migh...
My Secret Saviour by LIGHT__SHADOW
My Secret Saviourby LIGHT__SHADOW
IDOL SERIES #2 Moon Ara Trainee who was being false accused and kicked out by the company Joshua Hong Successful idol who only focus on his work but still care for those...
Fourteenby sᴡᴇᴇᴛʜᴇᴀʀᴛ🤍
Miyoung starts university and her mother thinks it's the perfect chance for her to bond with her brother who left when Miyoung was only 13 years old. The "perfect...
seventeen imagines by SWEETIESICHENG
seventeen imaginesby kay
just like the title says - start : 06/06/2022 finish : ???
A New Start || Seventeen by ArtemisEve1004
A New Start || Seventeenby ArtemisEve1004
Daena moves half way across the world to chase her dream but this move has put her put her back in the life of her childhood friend Joshua. Was this the right decision o...
Joshua Imagines by LauraOfCarats
Joshua Imaginesby LauraHere
Short stories of Joshua x Reader I really enjoy making these so I hope you guys enjoy reading it too!
《 Book of OS JiHan 》 by _Carat_World
《 Book of OS JiHan 》by Thanks_Carat
So, this book it's only OS with the JiHan, enjoy <33 ( Other's ship present in some os : ChanCheol, JunHao, SoonHoon, Minwon, Verkwan...) " Soft, hot stuff..&quo...
Naked truth | Choi SeungCheol  by jeongji_a
Naked truth | Choi SeungCheol by jeongji_a
Never ever thought someone like her would effect someone like him that much. but before he could realise, he has completely fallen deep for her. Will they win over the l...
Prank Calls | Hoshi by ahndniel
Prank Calls | Hoshiby Change Up
"Hello?" "Is this Luke?" "Who are you?" "I am your father." In which a girl prank calls an idol by accident.
Destined to You by LIGHT__SHADOW
Destined to Youby LIGHT__SHADOW
IDOL SERIES #1 SEVENTEEN or SVT is a well-rounded self-producing idol and famous group. LOVE is a rookie girl group who recently debuted and gained popularity because of...
My Strict Teacher | Jeon Wonwoo by womwoo
My Strict Teacher | Jeon Wonwooby liana
"Trust me, if you're just gonna keep maintaining your grades like these, you're not going to get accepted by any University." "Mind you! I'll prove you th...
SVT 14th Member || All For That Moment by rubybeyer
SVT 14th Member || All For That Ruby Beyer
Min-ji was striving for her ultimate goal when a series of spontaneous encounters turned her life into what could be a terrible mess. Surrounded by boys and plagued by i...
Lost Love // Hong Jisso  by shujiya97
Lost Love // Hong Jisso by Mahdiya Salam
Joshua smirked as he saw Y/n getting scolded by the teacher. Y/n was glaring at him and if eyes could kill, Mr.Hong would have been dead by now. A story of two High sc...
Backstage | Kwon Soonyoung by PariWritesFfns
Backstage | Kwon Soonyoungby Pari
"The difference between you and me is that you belong in the light and I, Backstage." :: Going Seventeen has gone a step further to create the ultimate prank e...
Single Mom || Yoon Jeonghan by chxllflores
Single Mom || Yoon Jeonghanby exyjxlle
In which a jeonghan falls in love with a single mom Started: 9 | 21 | 20 Ended: 10 | 24 | 20
Counting Stars  by ig_iii
Counting Stars by The8(real)
"Get lost , I'm not interested" "you'll be very soon. sweetheart" Cover by sshakhlida27__ ‹ Highest rankings › #10 - Jeonghan #5 - Joshua
beautiful stranger | s.l. + j.h. (seoksoo) by nsavant
beautiful stranger | s.l. + j.h. ( seokmin trash
it's just another story; he fell in love with a foreigner.
Living With 13 IDOLS.(seventeen ff.) by strwbaerrymlk
Living With 13 IDOLS.(seventeen 可愛
"From now on you're living with 13 boys"