Again he will beat me up

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"Levi, come out come out" I froz to the voice of a man walking around just one feet away from me. Ray. "Nonono" I whispered to myself as I cryed even more. I could hear the steps come closer to the closet and fingertips getting dragged down the closet door just to tortur me. He knew where I was. "Hi babe" he swang up the doors to the closet and dragged me out by the hands. "Let me go, please" I cryed but he would never ever do that. His eyes were filled with evil. "So you think you can just go kiss other boys than me huh? Without me knowing? We are ment to be Levi, ment to be!" he said creepy as he held me up to the wall holding my hands together so I could not move. "It´s not what i.." I tryed to say but he interrupted me like always. "You wanted me, not him. That´s why you are here! But you can´t kiss another boy without getting punished, can you?" he smiled with evil to me and hit my face hard with something hard. A rock. "Please.." I cryed even more and vomited blood almost. I could feel blood streaming down my face and tears blend in with red. "You and me babe, I will never let you go" he kissed me. He tryed to get his tounge into my mouth and I let it, just to bite it. "THAT'S NOT HOW YOU TREAT YOUR MAN!" he screamed at me with blood in his mouth and hit me again. This time I fell down on the floor, or in my own bloodbath becaue of all the blood he made me lose. I had no time to lose, I had to get out of here. I quickly grabbed his feet and pushed him over end as I stood up shaking and started running to the door. "I WILL FIND YOU, THERE IS NO WAY OUT" he screamed after me laughing. I couldn´t feel my face anymore, all I could feel was pain as I ran over to the door. I shaked it and beat it as hard as I could, but he had locked it and than messed up the door. "HELP" I screamed and started running the other way, away from him. I ran into a closet, I think it was some kinda washing closet and closed the door. No locks. "God please, please help me" I prayed. I´m really not a fan of God but I needed him now. I really needed him. I could hear more footsteps outside and I froz as I heard the door getting up. "LUKE" I looked right into Luke´s eyes. "What have happend to you?! ARE YOU OK?" he said worried and hugged me but I just pushed him away and closed the door again fast. "Ray is here! He found me.. How did you found me?" I asked him worried with tears going down from my eyes. "This is your thinking place, you told me remember? So I saw a broken window and climbed in and saw bloodsteps to this door! We must get you to a hospital, I will call the police!" he took up his phone and started calling. "Come to Summer Bay High School right now, Levi Taylor is hurt and we have a sick man after us! His name is Ra.." the door went open and ray stood there with a gun looking evil as fuck. "So here we have the lovebirds huh?" he said angry and dragged me with him. "LET HER GO" Luke screamed and followed us fast and took me by my hand. "I will shoot you if you don´t get the hell out of here" Ray screamed back and pointed the gun to Luke. "STOP IT" I screamed and went between them. "YOU GET OUT OFF THIS LEVI" Ray said and hit me with the gun in my face again and I fell down to the floor. "TAYLOR" Luke screamed and sat down behind me and held me close. "GET AWAY FROM HER IN THREE OR I WILL SHOOT" Ray screamed at him but Luke didn´t move away. "BYE LUKE" Ray smiled happy and shoot. I quickly pulled Luke away and felt pain going thru my arm. "Levi noo" Luke screamed as I went down on the floor again. "Don´t let me go" I whispered smiling to Luke and he smiled to me a little. "I won´t" he said and layed his hands around me. "POLICE" I heard screaming coming down the hallway before I fell asleep in the dark. 

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