Without Frank

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I quickly fell down to the floor in a heartbeat as I felt an instant bad feeling in my leg. 
"Hold around me" I heard an familar voice as I looked up at Frank lifting me up from the ground and running into the janitor room in a hurry. It all happend so quick, I can´t even remember where Luke went. 
"Luke...We need luke" I said weakly with pain in my voice as Frank sat me down on ground safe as I looked down on my left feet bleeding.
"Here, let me fix it" Frank said worried as he ripped fabric of his own shirt and rapped it around my feet so it would slow down the bleeding.
"Wait here, I´ll be right back with Luke" he said and before I could even say anything, he was out of the room.
And there I was again, all alone.

30 minutes later I´m still waiting for Frank to come back with Luke alive, but everything I could hear was screaming and shooting. And everything I could do was to wish that it was neither Luke or Frank´s turn to be shoot. 
But as the most people know, I hate to wait. I hate knowing that I can´t help, and I´ll always find a way to help so I stood up even if my feet didn´t want me to and even if I had lost to much blood I still wouldn´t give up. I needed them to come back safe. 

I opened the door slowly to see if there was anybody to see, but all I could see was blood and bodys. I felt tears going down my chin at every body I saw, but I needed to help.
I walked out of the room and as I closed the door I saw them. Luke and Frank running towards me with worried looks and right than I felt my leg fail and my body just fell to the ground weakly. Not now. 
"Let´s get you in safety" Luke whispered as he lifted me up and I finally felt a happy ending coming, but no.
"STOP" we heard from the end of the hallway as we all turned to a gun pointed at us.
"You move, I kill" the teenager said again as he came closer to us as Frank tried to calm him down.
"Luke, take Levi in safety" Frank whispered scared as I froz.
"NO!" I screamed back crying as tried to get out of Luke´s hands but he wouldn´t let go as the boy pointed his gun at Frank.
"Levi, I love you. Now go!" Frank said back as Luke started running away as we heard the gunshot as we finally made it to the door. Without Frank. 

Outside it was crowded by parents crying over they´re children and police cars everywhere. Luke got me into an ambulance as it all really went dark for me. 

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