I still miss you

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"Frank, I remember my first day at the private school when I had no friends and tried to find a place to be in lunch as I walked into your room without knowing you were there. You told I could just sit down and eat, and so I did. And after that day I have always been with you in lunch talking and switching food. 
I remember this one time when we talked about dreams and you told me about your dream to be somebodys reason to smile at day. Well, Frank you made me smile. I wrote you a song, cause you always wanted to hear me sing. So if you can hear this, I love you too" I stopped my speech as the crowed cried even more as I sat down on a chair with my guitar as everybody in the church looked stright at me. ( Levi sang miss you by Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana ) 

"Levi, talk to me please" mom said me stright in the face as she held my hand as I just sat in my hospital bed looking in the air. I hadn´t talked to anybody since the shooting, only in Frank´s funeral where I held a speech. And it´s a week since the shooting and all I´ve done is eat,sleep and look in the air from my hospitalbed. And I have been operated in my foot cause I got shoot and now I have to have a bloodbag over my foot cause I need more healthy blood. 
"Levi please darling, we need you to speak. We need to know how you are, we need you" mom cried as she sat right infront of me as I just turned my head towards the wall so I didn´t look at her anymore. 
"She´s gonna talk honey, we just gotta give her some time to take it all in" dad said behind me as I imagined him hugging mom from behind as she cried even more.  

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