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"Can I ask you something?" he asked as we walked down the beach. I held my uggs and socks on my hands so I could feel the sand. So free. "Sure" I smiled at him. "Why do people call you Taylor when your name is Levi?" he looked at me. I sat down in the sand and he followed me by sitting down next to me. "I just like that name better" I lied and looked away from him making him noticing that I were lying. "You lied" he said and looked at me with a serious face and I looked right into his eyes. "Because I´m Levi at home, and there I have mom being so robot and I just want be another person out here. I want to be me out here, so I tell people my name is Taylor" I said the truth and he nodded. "There´s the truth" he smiled at me pushing me in the shoulder smiling. "Isn´t there some no robot people out here?" he asked me and I nodded. "It is, you just have to find them" I said smiling. I have found mine. "Ohh, have you found a boooy?" he smiled flirty to me and I pushed him a little. "Maybe" I just smirked and looked out on the wavs hitting the beach. "Maybe we should get going, dinner soon. And you know mom.." I said and stood up. "Yeah" Luke answered smiling. 

"I just wonder, but how do see us? I mean like brother and sister or just friends?" he said to me and I already knew the answer of that. "Friends ofc" I smiled at him and his smile got even bigger. "Great" he said. "Why?" I looked weird at him while following the road. "No, than it´s not weird I think your hot" I smirked at me and I just smiled at him. "Stupid head" I joked. You are super hot yourself I thought to myself, but I could not say it to him. 

I hurried into my room to slip into my light blue shorts and a light grey hoodie. And my brown uggs, I loved uggs as you know. "Hi Tayls, your parents wants to talk to us downstairs" I heard Luke say out from my door. "Coming" I screamed and walked out from my room. I walked downstairs to mom and dad sitting in one of the livingrooms in on couch and Luke in the other. This looked serious. "What´s up?" I said and walked in. "Sit down dear" mom said and smiled that freakin smile. I sat down and mom started talking. "So me and Rick is going away tomorrow for the launch of my new designs in New York, and we wanted to know if you wanted to come along?" she smiled to me. I could see some truth in that smile, finally. "Wait, if we don´t go we get the whole house to ourselfes?" I looked at her as she nodded. "No way I´m coming" I smiled happy at both of them and laid down in the couch. "Yeah, I think I want to settle a little more down, so I think I´m staying here" Luke smiled to and laid back in the couch with me. "Are you sure? Because you have no school on Wednesday,thursday or friday because of the theachers getting some holiday" mom looked at me and I nodded happy. Finally some peace and quiet. 

"I GOT THE WHOLE HOUSE TO MYSELF, I GOT THE WHOLE HOUSE TO MYSELF" I sang on the top of my lungs as I shuffled in the kitchen in only a big t-shirt and some cereal in my hand. "OHYEAH AHAH, OHYEAH AHAH. I GOT THE WHOLE HOUSE TO MY.." I got interrupted my laughing from the doorway. I turned embarrassed and saw Luke standing there in only his boxers. "Oh come on, keep singing! I GOT THE WHOLE HOUSE TO MYSELF" he imitaded me and I laughed at him. "Fuck, I forgot about you" I laughed at him. "I thought your parents were leaving tonight not this morning?" he said as he grabbed some cereal in his hand himself. "I thought so to, but dad woke me up telling me there were some changes" I smiled at him and danced a little more. "Great" he smiled and sat down in one chair while looking at me dancing my ass off as I sang my little song inside my head. 

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