the note

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I felt nothing as I laid in my hospital bed when my mother finally told me the news, the death news. I needed a new kidney, and the doctors said that I needed a really spescial kidney cause of my blood. So that´s what I woke up to, hell. And Luke had left the hospital and nobody knew where he was, so dad and Nathan was out looking for him while mom keeped me company. Not that it was any good company cause she just keeped starring at me like there was something in my face and she was about to jump right at me. 
"Darling, you need to eat" mom said as she pushed the eating plate over to me as I just starred at it as I turned my head back into the bed.
"Please, say something. Anything, just talk to me" mom said as she grabbed my hand and sat closer with tears in her eyes.
I couldn´t talk to her, she wouldn´t understand me. What if Luke had ran away and left me her to die cause he knew it would happen? I´m never lucky, and getting a new kidney to me is 85% to find.
"Leviana, plea..." she stopped as the doors went wide open and Luke came in with a black eye as he smiled to me.
"I´m just gonna...go outside...find..rick" mom said pretty awkward as she ran outside in her high heels and Luke sat down on her chair.
"I´m so sorry... I didn´t know how to handle this...I just walked away when you needed me the most" he grabbed my hand and squized it as I smiled.
"But you came back, that´s what matters. Now, who did kick your ass this time than?" I laughed at him as I pointed out the black eye as he smiled.
"Just meet some boys on the beach that didn´t know how to behave... I guess they know now though" he smiled as he handed me a pack from his hand. Did he have that when he walked in? 
"Luke, you...I...I´m fine, you don´t need to give me things as long as I have you" I smiled as he opened my hand and left the box in it.
"It´s not from me, it´s from the cafe. It´s a note in it" he smiled as he kissed me soft and walked out of the room as I sat there not knowing what to do. Why would the cafe give me something?
I opened the pink box slowly as I wanted to know what it was, hello.
I opened it and a little note fell down on my lap as I looked right at a beautiful neclace in gold. It stood hope on it. It´s the most pretty thing I have ever seen, just so perfect.
I grabbed the note in a hurry and started reading the small handwriting.

"Hi our precious Taylor, you´ve been like family to us. We have know you all since you were a little girl and have always known that you are one of them good girls. You have always helped us here at the cafe when we needed you, and didn´t even want pay. You just said family helps family. You never let the celebrity life turn you around something both me and Alf is pretty proud of. You have always cared about them who have less than us, and have given up money just to give them a better life. And now that you´re sick, you are to strong to fall. You will get up on you´re feet again and a great kidney will come to your rescue. What we both know, is that karma exsist and it will hit you good. I still remember when you were 7 and just had learned your dad´s old guitar and wanted to have a little concert for charity in our cafe. You wanted the money to go to a new hospital for children were they needed it. You sat proud up on that chair infront of 30 people and started your guitar playing and before we knew it, you sang with. You had writen your own song even about your family and you even had us in it. We were so proud of you that night, and you got in 200 dollars. Maybe you should find your guitar again and write some new songs, we will be waiting on that concert. We love you so much that words can describe, and we wish you all the best. We´re coming on visit soon. You´ll be fin my little Leviana Taylor. Love your second family, Irene and Alf Roberts" 

I read as I cried. 

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