I love you too

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"Cause everything´s gonna be alright... Ayayay, be alright...Don´t you worry" I sang as I played my guitar sitting on my little own scene as I looked out on the audience. I was at the Cafe playing like old times, and it was all good. I survived....I thought. 

"Levi Taylor sixteen, lost a lot og blood and is on the waiting list for a new kidney..." I opened my eyes weakly as I saw lots of doctors running besides me as I guess I was laid down in a hospital bed. 
"H-heel.." was all that came out of my mouth as I tried to say help. I couldn´t move my body, and my sight just got weaker and weaker. 
"She´s awake!" on of the doctors stated as they were just about to roll me into a room as somebody stopped the cart. Luke. 
"Can I please just have one second?" he said weakly as I could see tears going down his eyes and his white t-shirt was full with blood. 
"Son, she´s to weak..." I interrupted the doctor with barely poking him in the hand as he looked at me and I nodded with pain. 
"One sec, that´s all you´ve got" the doctor said as he walked into the room without me. 
"Hi yooouuu" Luke said as he grabbed my hand as I sighed in pain. 
"You´re gonna be alright ok, they have found a kidney to you and before you know it we´ll be back in cafe with our smoothies with Irene´s laugh and Alf´s serious talk to me about you. I promise you, we´ll be back....I love you and before you know it, you´ll be back in my hands..." he said as my eyes dropped and the last thing I remember is getting pulled into a dark room. 

I love you too.


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