I hate hospitals.

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"So how long do I have to stay here this time?" I looked at mom tired as hell with a big blood pack over me and lots of wires connected to me. "Hun, you have had two surgerys! You should be worring about other things than when you get out" she looked serious at me with her tired eyes. "Mom.." I snapped at her. "They said three weeks, you need one more surgery you know. He got you right in the arm and stomach.." I interrupted her. "3 WEEKS?! I have no life anymore, I hate hospitals" I sucked and laid my head down on my pillow again. Stupid hospital pillows never being good. Stupid Ray being stupidly in love with me. Stupid Luke making me stupid. Stupid love always messing up lifes. Stupid stupid feelings. "Where is Luke?" I looked at her again and her little smile faded away. "Home packing" she looked serious at me and I sat up in bed again. "Packing for what?" I snapped at her. "He is moving, me and your dad thought it would be best because of all that have happend so he is moving.." I interrupted her. "NO! I need him here with me.." I felt unhappy. I should be happy, no more love trouble but I didn´t. I want him to be here hold me.. "He is travlling tonight at 10:00, than a taxi will pick him up and drive him to more west in Australia to some friends of his dad. I have to go now, I´m gonna pick up your dad and brother at the airport. We will be back at 10:30" she smiled and took her bag and walked out of my room. "Clock clock clock, what are you?!" I took up my phone and looked at the clock. Half 10. Nonono, I need to stop Luke. I started freakin out and quickly pulled out my wires something that made a alarm go of and lots of blood going down on the floor. Fuck, I forgot about my cuts from Ray. I took my bag and started running out from my room and down the hallway. I turned my head a little to look back at doctors and nurses running into my room. They would just find blood on the floor and maybe see me running, I have to get out fast.  Where is the fucking door?! I were only wearing this little pink shorts and some big light grey hoodie. My hair was a little wavy and I had a little make up on seens I was bored today, yeah. That happens in hospitals too. "Drive me to Summer bay, Highstreet 2" I jumped into a cab screaming and it started driving fast. My head was really dizzy and hurting, but I had no time wasting on it. I needed Luke in my life. This took so long time, I need to be home NOW. 

"LUKE! LUKE!" I screamed as I stepped into my house. I started running up the stairs still screaming but no Luke. "LUKE PLEASE" I screamed again. I quickly took up my phone as I was outside of my house again in the parking. "LUKE, luke where are you?" I almost screamed into my phone. "Behind you" he said and dropped my phone. Behind me? I turned around to a boy with messy brown hair in a white t-shirt and some jeans. "Luke, Luke please don´t go!" I walked over to him standing there with his bag. "But you don´t want me here.." he continued. "I might don´t want you here, I need you here! Luke, ever seens you kissed me I haven´t thought about anything else! There is nothing else I have wanted than your kiss, but you being " my brother" and all.. It´s just messed up" I continued in a hurry before I felt his finger on my lips. "Huush.. So you tell me you want my kiss huh?" He smiled flirty and I smiled. "More than anything in the world" I smiled as he smiled even more. His hands slipped around my waist and our lips smashed together. Just like a movie, everything was ok untill.. "LEVI! Levi!" Mom screamed behind me as I stepped out of the kiss. "You are bleeding hun! DO YOU WANT TO DIE?! GET IN THE CAR NOW" she cryed and I just hugged her tight. "I´m ok mom, I have never been better" I smiled. "Levi, never do that to me again. I got this call from the hospital that they found blood and you were gone..Don´t you ever do that again" she cryed into my shoulder. I saw dad and my brother walk out of the car. "Family, I want you to meet someone..." I smiled as I stepped over to Luke again. "Meet my boyfriend Luke James, he just moved here" I smiled as Luke laid his hand around my waist and smiled to my family as they laughed a little. My only and true love story, I really fell in love with my stepbrother. 

So this is so, wow. 2000++ readers, I never thought I would get more than 5. So since so many have read this story, I´m thinking about making a part two of it. What´ca say to that? Do you want more of Levi Taylor and Luke James?  

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