More than this

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- Luke´s point of view - 

I sat on the police station without anybody, everybody had walked home to get some sleep. It´s been a tough two days without her. I´m just hoping that the police get back soon with good news and with that I saw Mr. Gellbar walking in with another police men and a women. 
"Have you found her? Please" I ran over to him as he looked shocked at me.
"You know I can´t tell that Luke, go home and get some rest. We´ll find her" he clapped my shoulder as I just stood there shaking my head.
"Please, she´s all I got" I said weakly as I had never said that out loud. But it´s true, she´s all I got. Of course I have her family, but she´s the one I´m close too. She´s my angel.  
"Son, we are doing everything we can but this can be dangerous. I´m sorry, but I´m not allowed to say more" he said as he turned his back to me as the women looked at me with honest eyes.
"Boyfriend huh?" she whispered as I nodded.
"56342, it´s their car number. Go hide, and save your girl" she whispered with a smile as my smile got even bigger.
"But what about the lock?" I whispered back as she shaked her head.
"These guys don´t look their cars since it parked in the police station parking, but you have to sneek thru that door I just went thru. Good Luck" she smiled as I nodded and quickly disappeard. 
Finally somebody who wanted to help.

- Stan´s point of view -

I went into the other room with all my medical things where laid over a disk as I looked down at my syringe as I slowly picked it up smiling. 
I quickly walked over to the other room again looking stright at Levi laid down on the floor with a sleepy look as her face was laid down in her own blood after I hit her in the fish store. I needed to, she wouldn´t listen to me. And with a mistake her cuts went open, but it´s all her fault. If she didn´t hide her feelings for me, she wouldn´t bleed at all. I know she love me, but she needs to see it to.
"Look what I got for you" I looked down at her as she tried to turn her head at me as her mouth went open shocked over what I had in my hand.
"No, pleas..." she said weakly as her throat wouldn´t let her speak.
"You just need some rest honey, and this will help you. When you wake up, we will be in Canada in our new house" I smiled to her as I sat down with her holding her hand without the cuts.
"Just breath in and out" I tried to calm her down as she tried to shake her head, but before she could speak I took the needle in her hand.
"Luke..." I hear her weak voice say as I turned my head towards her.
"Nonono, Stanly is here" I smiled as I grabbed her hand.
"I love Luke" she said before she fell asleep and my anger went up. Luke? I´m her boyfriend now.

- Police´s point of view -

"We´re there in five minutes, we will need backup. there is more then one car here. He isn´t alone" I said into the the phone as I quickly heard an familiar voice from behind. 
"WHAT? There´s more then one?" Luke screamed as he got up from the backseat as I almost drove of the road.
"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND BOY?!" Peter turned to Luke as Luke sat back in the seat.
"Yeah, out of my mind for her" he smiled clever as I almost wanted to laugh, but I held back.
"We could´ve died because of you" Peter said annoyed as he sat back in his seat angry as shit.
"Are they more then one?" I looked stright at Peter as he nodded slowly.
"Yeah" he said sad as my smile faded a little.
Levi, I´m coming. 

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