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The Preacher's Daughter by JoeJemiDemi
The Preacher's Daughterby Chloe
Demi Lovato is the preacher's daughter in a small town in Connecticut. She is very sheltered on what she does and one big mistake and the town is talking. Joe Jonas is...
  • love
  • lovato
  • fanfic
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Touching You by NickNemiDemi
Touching Youby J
Touch me with slow hands... Touching you with both hands... Touching you with no hands is my favorite way of touching you.
  • fanfiction
  • wattys2018
  • romance
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My Home (Nemi One shot) by LionheartLovatic
My Home (Nemi One shot)by LionheartLovatic
Nicks Definition of what home means to him. (NEMI)
  • demi
  • nick
  • lovato
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Trust In Forever (Book 12 in the Forever Series) by NickNemiDemi
Trust In Forever (Book 12 in the J
Book 12 in the Forever Series More love, more laughs & more drama for your favorite Nemi family. Can they trust in forever to get through anything? Or is Forever just a...
  • nemi
  • love
  • nickjonas
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Human Nature by KStrong
Human Natureby Kimberly King
Unusual teenage parents in the spotlight having to grow up quickly.
  • lovato
  • nick
  • pregnancy
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Lost Yet Found by theresaj8706
Lost Yet Foundby Theresa M. J.
Demi Lovato finds a young teenage girl; alone, beat up, and passed out near her house, when she goes for a run. She cares for the girl until she's well enough to go home...
  • demi
  • lovato
  • friendship
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Found But Lost by theresaj8706
Found But Lostby Theresa M. J.
Demi Lovato's adopted daughter Emily runs away scared because she thought her mother was going to die. Demi now out of the hospital and recovering is devastated that Emi...
  • teenager
  • menzel
  • demilovato
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Secrets ➸ CHRIS SCHISTAD by nctzen-honey
Secrets ➸ CHRIS SCHISTADby NCTbabies
"I'm scared you're gonna look me in the eye and find out what I'm like." ➸
  • jonas
  • hermantommeraas
  • noorasætre
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The Lost Lovato [[ COMPLETED ]] by RadicalBadical
The Lost Lovato [[ COMPLETED ]]by Jenna & Avia
Rebecca James, your average in middle school girl, well kinda. Rebecca is 15 she doesn't have a mom, she has a dad. An abusive dad, her dad is rich but doesn't care. Reb...
  • wilmervalderrama
  • selfharm
  • nick
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Superficial : Chris Schistad  by nctzen-honey
Superficial : Chris Schistad by NCTbabies
"What if I said I wanted to be more than friends?" "Then you'd have to settle for just friends or less."
  • williammagnusson
  • skam
  • noorasætre
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Young and Beautiful by W1LDCH1LD
Young and Beautifulby wild child.
will you still love me when I've got nothing but my aching soul?
  • nemi
  • valderrama
  • dilmer
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Wildfire (Demi Lovato) by sofiaxrosee
Wildfire (Demi Lovato)by sofiaxrosee
'Breathless, I can't resist. Melt with your scarlet kiss.' You x Demi Lovato.
  • lesbian
  • cheating
  • jonas
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Today, Tomorrow & Forever (Book 11 in the Forever Series) by NickNemiDemi
Today, Tomorrow & Forever (Book J
This is book 11 in the Forever Series, so if you haven't read the previous ten books, you may want to do so! Today, Tomorrow & Forever will follow Nick & Demi as they h...
  • nemi
  • nickjonas
  • lovato
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It's Just Hallie | Daughter of Demi Lovato | by RadicalBadical
It's Just Hallie | Daughter of Jenna & Avia
Hallie, a 14 year old girl who is happy and healthy. She lives in foster care system but has two parents who want to adopt her, the only problem is her birth mother neve...
  • wilmer
  • bomba
  • lovato
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Dear Nick by NickNemiDemi
Dear Nickby J
Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato have known each other since they were six years old, having grown up next door to each other their entire lives. They were best friends from t...
  • nickjonas
  • demi
  • demilovato
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Lost Without You (Jemi Fanfiction) by IAmALovatic4Life
Lost Without You (Jemi Fanfiction)by IAmALovatic4Life
It's summer 2017, and Demi Lovato can't help but wonder what life would have been like if she was still in contact with Joe Jonas. She wishes that they were still togeth...
  • girlfriend
  • jonas
  • life
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Nick Jonas Imagines by unionj2015
Nick Jonas Imaginesby unionj2015
This is going to be a book about Nick Jonas imagines I really hope that you like it. Some of them might be short. Some may be long. Oh and I also made some Union J imagi...
  • nick
  • kevin
  • joe
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Dear Demi (Sequel to Dear Nick) by NickNemiDemi
Dear Demi (Sequel to Dear Nick)by J
Sequel to Dear Nick. This story continues where Dear Nick left off, in the epilogue. If you haven't read Dear Nick, read it to see how they began. Their love is deep & p...
  • jonas
  • demilovato
  • lovato
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Here We Go Again (Demi Lovato Lesbian Stories) by FireStarterXx
Here We Go Again (Demi Lovato FireStarterXx
At the top of her career Demi's world is turned upside down. Tragedy leaves her struggling to put the pieces of her life back together. Trying to heal physically, and me...
  • xfactor
  • herewegoagain
  • gomez
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Never Gave Up - A Role-Play by silencesflxwers
Never Gave Up - A Role-Playby GAGE
-Based on @Its_A_Bookish_Thing 's old rp, Don't Give Up- Almost a decade after a series of murders in a small town, the mystery has died down. The murderers were discove...
  • mystery
  • green
  • whatretheydoing
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