The flashback - Cancer

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I remember everything from that day, everything. From how warm it was and how sweaty moms hands was when she held me close in her arms when the doctors said the bad news. She would cry and cry while my dad tried to talk with the doctors in silent but I could hear it all. I could hear how it was a miracle that it was gone. Just like my cancer-chances just flew away. My mom would wipe her tears away and look me in the eyes with a smile telling me I looked beautiful. With or without hair. Because I had no hair at that time. Chemo had taken it all to a wonderfull place with rainbows. I was 7 at that time, and didn´t understand how my hair would just diseappeare. When my schoolfriends asked where my hair was, I would always answer that God had saved my hair because it had magical powers that the hospital would save for me to later. I quick found out that this wasn´t true though and that a virus had taken it. 

I never really went to the doctors after that. My parents were bussy with their things while I had school and hiding away from paparazzis on my plan. We never thought about cancer coming back even though the doctors said it might it might if I was unlucky. And it have. 
The doctors say I might only have 1-2 months again to live if I don´t get a new bone marrow or something like that. I´m to shocked to think about this, but my blood in uniqe something that is bad in this case because I need somebody to donate a new bone marrow to me. 
This is why my mom and dad fights, because they blame themself. They blame them selfs because they think they should have taken me to the doctors sooner. 

My thought is that this is nobody´s fault but me. Maybe this is how karma gets me after putting Luke is risk to die. I like to see it in that way, because then it makes sense to me.
My plan is to hide from Luke, and never see him again. I don´t want him to know about this because I don´t want him to feel more pain because of me. I have done enough.

 - Three weeks later -

I haven´t moved from my bed, even the nurses are getting tired of me now. I go on chemo and it takes away all my energy. My family pretty much lives in the room on my side so they can spend as much time as possible with me while Luke haven´t taken time to visit. I´m happy about it really, but still my heart is dropping to the floor more and more everyday that past. I have never been good in love, so maybe it was a sign that he didn´t even drop in with cookies. I knows I like cookies while I´m sick. I guess he found out that I am bad news... 

"Hello darling, how are you feeling?" Dad knocked on the door and his face got in the door. But no body. 
"Go away" I answered annoyed as he shaked his head.
"You have a visitor" Dad said as the doors went wide and I looked stright at it with weak eyes. Luke standing there with tears in his eyes. My heart stopped as I looked at him as I felt a tear go down my chick.
"Levi..." he whispered as he walked towards me slowly looking stright at me while the door closed.
"You look beautiful" he said as all I wanted was to punch him. Punch him for ruining my plan about not crying.
"Go away" I said angry as he just came closer and closer.
"Please, I needed time to take it in..." I interrupted him angry.
"You needed time to take it in? WHAT ABOUT ME? DO YOU THINK I GOT A CHANCE TO TAKE IT IN? YOU WALKED AWAY WHEN I NEEDED YOU THE MOST LUKE! I have cancer and you just walk away. What about forever? Did you not mean that?" I yelled at him as my tears wouldn´t stop and finally I felt his hands stroke my tears away. 
"I meant it with all my heart. I needed time to understand. To understand how this can happen to you! You are my world and I just got lost in it, but I´m only a human and I´m asking for a second chance. Leviana Taylor, would you give me a second chance and let this dumbass prove to you that this is real love. Leviana, would you marry me?" and in that my heart stopped.  

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