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Just so you guys know, when I say in this story that the other students are robots I don´t mean that they are robots, but they act like it. Like they want to be perfect, never do something wrong and always follow the rules.

"Do you want to go to the surf club and grab a smoothie? My treat" I smiled to Luke as we stepped into my car again. My Ferrari Enzo Ferrari in red, best car ever. That´s the only thing I liked with being rich, having a good looking car. Luke didn´t answer, he just looked inside my car shocked. "How the fuck did you afford this car?!" He looked at me shocked. "Did I tell you about my dad being a world famous singer and my mom being a world famous designer? Ops, must have slipped my mind" I said sarcastic to him and he just smiled. "And yeah, a smoothie sounds good" he smiled to me as he took on his seatbelt. His smile, god how could I keep my hands off him. "Stare all you want" he smiled to me and I found myself just getting closer to his face. I snapped out off my day dreaming and started the car. "I didn´t stare" I snapped at him low and he just smiled. "It´s not nice to stare honey" he imitation of my mom and I laughed. "Sorry mom" I said sarcastic while laughing. 

"Taylor love, good to see you today" Alf smiled at me as I stepped to the checkout. He was the old man working here sometimes. He and his wife Irene Roberts owned the surf club, they were so nice. "Hi alf, this is the boy I talked about, Luke James" I said and pointed at Luke that just smiled. "Hi boy, Alf Roberts here" Alf said and gave Luke the hand. "Luke James here" Luke shaked Alf´s hand. "Now you treat our Taylor nice" Alf gave him a smiling warning and I just smiled at Alf. "Can I get two strawberrie smoothies please?" I smiled at Alf and he nodded. "Coming right up" Alf said and walked back to the kitchen. "What´s up with you knowing all the adults in town?" Luke smiled at me as we sat down with a table. "They are nice and they´r not robots like everyone in our age. It´s a small town you know, and I always hang with Nathan and my brother Chris before" I smiled to him and took up the meny. " They seem nice" he said and took the meny out off my hands. "HI" I snapped at him and he just smiled evil at me. "Stare at me instead, you liked it in the car" he said flirty making me laugh low. "I did n.." I got interrupted from the smoothies coming. "Here you go" Irene said and handed us the smoothies. "Here" I smiled to Irene and handed her a 50 dollar. "I will get you.." I interrupted her shaking my head. "Take the change and put it in the Support cancer box, they need it more than me" I smiled to Irene as she gave me a good hug. "She´s a keeper" Irene winked at Luke. "I know" he said and smiled to her. What did he mean with that? 

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