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So Luke haven´t visited me on the hospital. Only mom and dad, and they say he is busy with homework and stuff like that. I don´t know why, but I feel dissapointed of him not wanting to see me. So finally mom and dad could bring me home, or where ever we live seens our house kinda burn down when I almost died.  

"Mom, our house isn´t this way" I tryed to tell her again but she just smiled at me and drove away from our house. "Mom, it´s th.." she interrupted me. "Levi honey, do you really think we can live in that black hole now? We have bought a new house with the beach, a bigger one" she smiled at me. She have finally started smiling again, not that robot freaky smile but her real smile. The smile I love. "WHAT?" I screamed glad and smiled even more. Ohgod, a new house! 

"Here it is, our new dream beach house" mom smiled at me as we drived into a parking for like 6 cars. My mouth went open when I saw the house. Much bigger than the older, this is white and it´s like 4 floors. And it was on the beach! "And don´t you worry about you not being able to get up the stairs, because we have a elevator" she smiled and stepped out of the car to help me. She opened my door and took my hand carefully. "No, I want to try" I smiled at her and stepped out of the car. I almost fell like 7 times before we went into the house. It was big, really big. "Go to the elevator and punch 4, you will love it" dad came into the room smiling at me. "Eh ok?" I looked weird at them. I did as I was told, and went to the elevator and punched 4. The elevator was big, it could take 6 people at time. I kinda felt home already because I were just wearing some pink shorts and a white tank top. "SURPRISE" Luke screamed as the doors fell open. I walked into a big room with two big double beds and really a big bed room, big! "LUKE" I screamed happy and almost felt in his arms for a hug. He looked so hot with his hair still messy. "Now, what do you think of our new room?"  he smiled at me as he leaned his head infront of me looking me stright into my eyes. "Our room? Is all this our room?" I looked at him almost passing out. "Yeah, they finally let us share room. Surprise surprise" he smiled at me still looking into my eyes. "Wooow, I love it" I smiled at him. And there we stood, looking into each others eyes like a couple. 

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