A blood pool without owner

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" one month later "

"What about a smoothie?" I looked at Jack as he smiled quickly as we walked on the beach. 
"Yeah, sounds tasty" he smiled as I looked at Luke with his surfboard. 
"We´re going to get a smoothie, you want one?" I said loud as he turned his head to me cathing his breath. 
"No thanks, I´m going out" he said back as he just turned his head again, away from me. 
"To bad for him, more for us" Jack smiled as he just walked a little away from me as I stood there looking at Luke grabbing his surfboard into the ocean. I knew he only surfed when I was with looking or when he had problems. He has problems. 

Luke wasn´t a big fan of Jack, he didn´t like him at all. He thought I spent to much time with Jack and not with him. He had a feeling about Jack, a bad feeling. That it was something bad with him. And he also thought Jack had a crush on me, but that can´t be true. He is just a good friend, that´s all. 

"Two strawberry smoothies thanks" I smiled to Irene as she nodded. 
"So Luke doesn´t like me huh?" Jack looked at me as we sat down with a table 
"What? No, he likes you. He just...doesn´t show it" I liad as I looked away. 
"Oh, cool" Jack just said as Irene came with our smoothies with a smile. 
"There you go, I´ll see you tomorrow night Taylor?" she smiled as she sat our smoothies on the table. 
"Yeah, wouldn´t miss it" I smiled as she nodded. 
"Levi, just the girl I looked for!" Alf came into the cafe with a big smile. 
"Isn´t Luke with you?" he said as he looked around quickly as I shaked my head. 
"No, he is out in the water. But I can take a message" I smiled. 
"Could you ask him if he could help me with the fish shop tomorrow? I´m going to the city for some bussiness, and Andre is out of town" he said as I nodded. 
"Yes, of course!" I smiled as I knew Luke had freetime tomorrow. It wouldn´t kill him. 
"Thank you so much love" he smiled as I took a sip of my smoothie smiling at Jack starring at me. 
Sometimes he just sat there starring at me, kinda weird. But it was just like he was somewhere else. Like starring at me was being away from reality. 
He just lost his sister to cancer, so I wouldn´t blame him for being a little away from reality. I couldn´t imagine losing Chris to cancer. 

"Can you see Luke somewhere?" I looked at Jack as he took a quick look around on the beach, but no Luke. 
"What the hell? He is my ride home... How could he.." I whispered to myself as Jack heard it. 
"Neh, I´ll follow you home" he smiled as he grabbed my waist. 
"It´s good training" he smiled as we started walking. 

"Thank you so much for walking me home, you really didn´t have to do that" I smiled to Jack as we stopped with my housedoor. 
"Stop it, I like spending time with you" he smiled as he came closer to my face. 
Closer, closer and closer. 
He kissed my cheek as the doors went open and Luke came out. 
"What the hell man?!" he screamed angry as he pushed Jack away from me with a annoyed look. 
"Dud chill" Jack said as I tried to hold Luke back. 
"Luke!" I said afraid as Luke finally came to his mind and ran upstairs as I just said goodbye to Jack as I ran after Luke annoyed. 
"What the hell was that and why did you just leave us there?" I said annoyed as I came into his room with him just walking around in his room angry.
"I couldn´t stand sitting in the car with him" he just said as he tried to calm down.
"And then you just hit him?" I snapped at him angry as Luke came closer to me.
"Have you seen how he looks at you? Like he owns you! Like he is going to kiss you right away! Levi, that guy is no good" he said as he grabbed my hand softly.
"You don´t even know him! He just lost his sister Luke! Maybe he just misses her! If just could give him a  chance" I screamed back at him as I walked out of his house with heavy steps as I walked into my own room slamming the door with a bang.
"@(("/"/)/!#)$/@@"($)($=" I said to myself as I jumped down in my bed so pissed that I could burn a fire of my own hair now.
Sometimes I could promise that I would just punch the face of that boy, but I loved him so badly that I already just wanted to walk right into his room and say sorry.
With that thought I fell asleep.

- Next day -

Luke´s point of view

"Have you seen Levi?" I walked down sleepy to the kitchen as I looked at Rick with his sleepy face with coffe in his hand.
"yeah, she went down to the fish shop. Alf needed some help or what ever" he mumbled as I quickly grabbed an appled and grabbed my keys.
I needed to talk to her as fast as quickly.
I couldn´t stand fighting with that girl, she made my world go crazy. She was my world.

"Levi? Hello?" I said as I came into the shop.
"Hello?" I screamed again as I walked into the stock, but no Levi.
"Hel..." I slipped of the floor as I fell down on the floor in something wet.
" Gaaad" I screamed to myself as I looked down on the floor.
Red. Red everywhere. I was laid in blood, and it was not my own.
A blood pool without it´s owner. 
And then it went up for me.
"LEVI" I screamed as loud as my throat would go, but still not answer.
The cuts must have gone open, the doctor said it could happen because of the cut was so deep and the vein had a lot of damage.
I ran outside on the beach as I looked around screaming after her.
"Ey Luke, you ok?" Alf came down as he looked at me with big eyes as he looked down at my bloodyshirt.
"Levi is gone, and there is a blood pool in there... Alf, Levi can´t survive without that blood for long" I said weakly as his smile faded. 

- Levi´s point of view - 

"This is the police, who am I talking to?" the woman in the phone said as I gasped for air.
"I need help.... I´m dying... plea..." I said weakly as the door went open and the evil face came thru the darkness. 
"What did I say about talking?!" it said as my phone got thrown into the wall with a bang.
And then I knew it.
I would die. 

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