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"Here Levi, take this on your eye honey" my cook Ryan said and handed me a bag of frozen peas. "Can you please don´t tell mom or dad about this little thing?" I asked as I put the frozen bag on my eye. God, it hurt so bad. It was like all blue and black. "I won´t, it´s a secret" she smiled at me before she left the kitchen and let me and Luke alone in the room looking at each other. "They will notice, you know that right?" he looked serious at me and I just gave him a little smile with peas in my face. "They come home in a week, so it´s gonna be gone before that so no" I smiled as I stepped up and limped to the stairs with Luke just staring weird at me. I tryed to walk up the stairs without getting help from Luke, I need to do this on my own because one day he might not be there for me anymore so I won´t let myself get to close to him. But I slipped on the 7 step up the stairs and fell, but I landed in something soft. Something good, not the ground. "I said I would catch you" I heard Luke whisper into my ear and I smile a little while he holds me in his arms. "Just let me g.." he interrupted me. "Eh-eh, I´m your taxi" he said and started to walk up the stairs. I couldn´t do anything than smile at him.

"Can I ask you something?" Luke asked as he layed down in my bed together looking up on the roof, chillin. "Yeah" I said and smiled a little. "Who was that guy? you know who" he said sad and turned his head to me and looked stright into my eyes before I turned my head fast. "Just some dude on his week you know.." I tryed to smile it away, but Luke sat up and looked serious at me. "Taaaylor.." he continued and he would do this all day if I didn´t tell him. "He was a teacher on our school before the principal found out we kinda had a relationship and he got fired, and I have tryed to break up with him and everything but he won´t take no for a answer. And he has this gang that is kinda dangerous.." Luke interrupted me suprised. "WHAT? Does this guy know where you live?" he looked at me with open mouth. "nooo" I lied and closed my eyes. But really everyone in this city knew were we lived, the rich ones. I was remembered as the daughter of the singer or the designer. "You lie" he said and layed down with me again. "How do you know?" I turned my head right into his face, if I moved a little closer to him we would kiss. Kiss. "I just know you to well" he smiled and bite his lips. "You can´t do that, to sex.." I stopped myself as I found out I said it out loud. "Bite my lips huh?" he bites his lips more and smiles at me. 

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