Never had it better

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"Can you keep a secret?" Luke looked up at me as he held my hand while watching The notebook. I really hated that movie, romantic was never my thing. 
"Sure" I just answered because of me being totally weak after my concert. It´s been two months since I got out of hospital now.
"I´ve never had it better then right now, here with you" he smiled as I kissed his chic before I laid my head down on his chest again. 
"You know I feel the same way Luke, I´m just tired" I said sleepy as I heard him sigh. 
"I know" he just said as my eyes went down and it went dark. Dreams come alive.

I know Luke is tired of me always being tired around with him because of all my concerts and signings. But that´s how celebrity life is. It´s bussy. And I know I can´t have Luke waiting outside the line on me when I come home late or when I´m on tour. I don´t want that. I want Luke, and I love him but he deserves better then this. Better then me.

"You ready girly?" my dad looked at me as I faked a smile.
"Yeah" I said as all I really wanted was to be with Luke today. It´s his birthday, and I can´t even be there for him.
"Luke is coming back stage in 10 minutes" dad said as a smile went on my face.
"Really?" I said smart as I ran out on the stage with 50,000 people yelling and screaming my name.
"You ready to party or what?" I screamed into the mic that was hanging from my ear so I could dance while I sang. I started with my new single, ready or not by Bridget Mendler but in this story it´s my song. 

"So I just heard we have a birthday boy here today, and it´s a special person to me. Could you all help me  get him out here? Luuuuuuuke" we all screamed as I was so hyper that I jumped around on stage. 
As I turned to the backstage door I saw Luke coming out with a smile on his face. Even if I knew I had to change that smile tomorrow. 
"GIVE IT UP FOR THE BIRTHDAY BOY" I screamed as he came over to me for hug.
"I can´t believe you did this Taylor" he said so happy as the crowed sang the birthday song.
"I love you, please don´t forget that" I said as a tear left my eye as I remembered this is the end.
"Taylor, what´s wrong? You´ve been like this all week, maybe all month. You know I love you of all my heart, please..." he grabbed my hand as I faked a smile.
"It´s all good birthday boy, I´m fine. Now go, it´s cake for you" I smiled as he vawed goodbye to my fans as I turned to them faking my smile.
I really couldn´t handle this double life right now.  

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