Maybe no?

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"LUKE" I screamed as he threw me into the water and let me just swim like a freak. "H-help.." I screamed and swallowed a mouth of water. I could feel myself drowning in the water and I let out more air in the water looking at the bobbles coming out off my mouth. I could feel two hands around my waist and it started dragging me up. "Don´t let me go" I hugged Luke as he tryed to swim for us both in the water. I coughed a little and turned my head to his now looking him right into his beautiful eyes. "I won´t let go of you even if you asked me too" he said and stared into my eyes. I held my arms around his neck as he swam, still looking into my eyes. We both moved our heads closer to each others and before I could even close my eyes our lips smashed together. They moved together just like we were one person, perfectly just like we were made for each other. But something always ruins the moment and this time it was Ray like always. He popped into my mind, I don´t know how or why but he did and I quickly pulled away and stared at Luke. "T-this can´t.. We can´t" I tryed to say shaking of the thought of Ray maybe looking at us. Was he? I don´t want to make him more angry. "Levi, we.." Luke tryed to say but I swam away before he could answer or even grabb my hand. I ran to my dress and slipped it on fast. "Taylor, you can´t go alone! tayl.." I interrupted his screaming. "Go away, I will be ok! Just take the car" I screamed back with tears in my eyes. I really just wanted him to hold me close and hold me safe, but I don´t know what happend to me. I just panicked! I ran away from Luke, away from our kiss and away from all the people. I needed a place to hide, to get away. School would help right now, I would go there. 

I hid myself in my old classroom, and just sat there staring at the wall in hours. I got in when it was 3 and now it was like 7 and they have locked the school, so I guess they forgot to check my classroom for people. I can´t believe I kissed Luke, or he kissed me. We are almost family I guess, we can´t.. Can we? I got snapped out off my thoughts by steps coming my way in the hallway. I quickly ran over to the closet and locked the door before I could hear the door to the classroom slip up. I sat in the closet with a short beach dress, wavy long brown hair and tears in my eyes. How could this get any worse? Oh, I will tell you. 

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