Hi Wife

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"Yes" I said without even thinking as I saw a big smile climb up on his face as I shaked my head again. 
"Wait... Luke, you know I´ll be gone soon.." I said as he hushed at me whispering.
"Don´t" he whispered into my ears as I felt his breath touch my ears.
"Yes Luke James, I will marry you" I smiled to him as he grabbed me in for a good hug as the doors went open and clapping hands came in. What the hell? 
I looked weird at Luke as he just raised his shoulers at me as Chris walked towards Luke with a box.
Luke grabbed it as he said thank you and opened it for me slowly.
"Let´s make it official, soon-to-be-wife" he said as took the beautiful big diamant ring formed like a wait... what was it formed like?
"Ehm Luke? Not to ruin this moment but, what the hell?" I pointed at my finger laughing as my throat got more and more sore for every breath.
"It´s formed like a bone marrow, because I was your match I would´ve given you mine" he smiled as I laughed even more while all the other awwed. That´s the most romantic thing I have ever heard.
"But Luke, it takes a long time to plan a wedding" I looked at him worried as he smiled even more as mom took a step forward. 
"We have planned it all honey, you have nothing to worry about. It´s in a week" mom smiled as she flipped her hair and I kissed Luke on the check quick. 
"Thank you" I whispered into his ear as he smiled his beautiful perfect smile to me.
I will miss that smile.

 - Wedding day - 

"Goooo Luke, it´s bad luck when you are here!" I laughed at him as I tried to push him out of my room with the dress and all. I had both of my hands on him as I tried to push him out the door as he laughed and I slipped and fell to the floor breathing heavily. 
"Are you ok? Levi?!" Luke´s smile faded as he bended over quickly as I started laughing at him.
"Got´cha!" I laughed as I started coughing with a smile. I had stopped chemo now, since there was no hope anymore so I had a little bit more energie now finally. And I would use it all on him, my love.
"Luke come´n, she needs the energy to the wedding" my mom came as she tried to be bossy and protect me from my soon-to-behusband as he smiled. 
"I´ll go.... See you at the altar" he smiled as he kissed my check slowly.
"I´ll be the one in white" I smiled as he finally walked away and my mom closed the doors.
"You ready?" my mom said as I quickly nodded. I haven´t seen my dress yet because of I´ve been bussy with chemo and you know, cancer, so this is the first time.
My mom ripped off the cover as my eyes went wide
Beautiful, so beautiful. ( Picture of the dress on the side ) 
Two hours later after all the make up was on and the dress was on and I looked in the mirror.
"Mom...." I said weakly as I felt a tear roll down my chin.
"Yes honey?" she said as she walked up behind me and clapped my shoulder.
"Do I look beautiful?" I turned around to her as the tears didn´t want to stop and she looked at me with tear in her eye.
"Honey, you don´t need hair or make up to look beautiful. You are the most beautiful women I have ever seen in my life without any of that and Luke knows it. He loves you for who you are and not your looks" she said to me as I squised her in for a hug. This is it, isn´t it?
"Now, let´s go get you married!" she said with a proud voice as I nodded quickly.

I walked up to the alter with my dad by my side. I walked barefoot because our wedding was on the beach. Luke knew how much the beach ment to me, he knew how I loved it. Everybody looked at me with a smile as I tried to not show how nervous I was as I looked up and looked at Luke. Luke in his black suit with a little smile. The way he looked at me, it was just like I was the only girl in the world. Just like I was his world. 
"Thankyou" I whispered to my dad as he let my hand slip out of his as I walked slowly up to Luke.
"You have never seen more beautiful out soon-to-be-wife" he whispered as I tried to hold in the little laugh.
"You  don´t look so bad you neither soon-to-be-husband" I whispered back as he slowly grabbed my hand as I felt a little sparkel go thru my body. Only he could make me feel that sparkle. 
"You may now kiss the bride" the priest said after a couple of minutes as I could finally smile. Luke looked at me as he bit his lip. To sexy, must kiss. 
"Just kiss me " I whispered as I bent over for the perfect kiss as everybody clapped.
And I felt that sparkle again.

- Luke´s point -

Our hunnymoon was in their family house on the beach only 15 minutes from the hospital. The holiday went by as me and Levi had the most perfect time in that house. I had never seen her sparkle that much before then what she did then. We would just forget about the cancer and just live in the moment. We would tell each other things we´d never share with any other. Two weeks after the wedding we lost our precious Leviana to the heaven. God took away our angel. She gave me a letter before she passed away telling me to read after she fell asleep and I kept my promise to her and opened it afterwards. 

"Dear beloved husband

I wish I got more time to call you that word, husband, then this. But to me you were more then my husband. You were my better half, the one I could count on when things went bad. 
By the time you are reading this I´m already gone, but don´t be sad because I´m still there with you.
Go to the beach and feel the wind on its best, because that´s not the wind. That´s me keeping you safe.
Our love was like the wind. You can´t see it, but you can feel it.
So when you feel that little blow, think about me and our time from above.
I hope you don´t get stuck in the past while your future goes away, please try to take a step and remember I´ll be there on the way. I hope you keep in touch with mom and dad, and with Chris of course. 
They have loved you since day one without any exception. 
I hope you follow your dream about medicine and never let it go. Because you will save lifes, just like you saved my soul. 
Promise me you will try to put the ring away, but maybe sometimes just take a look and smile. 
Smile about our past and smile about your future. 
Remember the wind and never let it go, but promise me this one thing and I will know. 
Tell my parents that I´m here whenever they need me and I´m above them forever. 
Tell Chris I love him and tell him that he will be a great doctor someday. 
Luke, my Luke my one and only love. You saved me once, twice and you saved my world. 
You were my world, my one and only world. 

I love you, Luke James. 
Forever and Always from your wife Leviana Taylor" 

I cried as I felt the wind blow in my face while I sat there on the beach at 1 AM stright. 
"Hi Wife" I whispered as a tear fell down my chin. 


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