Olive you

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My head felt dizzy as my swollen eyes opened slowly to bright light coming in a little window. I tried to move, but quickly found out that my hands and feet was tight up with rope so I laid there on the ground trying to scream but with the fabric on my mouth not a word come out. 
My body felt weak and I got more sleepy for every minute that went. My arm I could barely move and I knew I had lost a lot of blood. After all, I was laid in my own blood now. 
I laid there trying to scream hoping that somebody would hear me and come before he would.  
The weird thing about this is all I thought about was Luke. How we fought and argued about a stupid thing, and how I couldn´t say sorry. I hope he knows how much I love him, because I might not get the chance to say that to him now.  
With that thought my eyes slowly closed as I heard footsteps behind me.

- Luke´s point of view -

"There must be something we can do? We can´t just sit around watching her die!" I yelled at the police as my heartbeats came closer to each other as Rick tried to hold me back from the police. 
"Son, they are doing everything they can to Levi" he tried to calm me down as I sat down next to him annoyed. 
"Is there anything you can tell us that might help us Luke? Somebody she hanged with or have she acted weird?" the police men looked at me with a serious look as it all came up. Jack. 
"She met this boy named Jack on the hospital a month ago, he just lost his sister to cancer. His name is Jack Dyllan and he´s 17 years old. He acted all weird and followed Levi everywhere she went" I spilled out as Raina looked weird at me as she grabbed my hand supporting. 
"Honey, Jack is a good boy. He wouldn´t do anything to our Leviana" she smiled as I shaked my head. 
"You didn´t see it, he loved her" I said softly as she just looked at me like I was a crazyhead. But I knew he did. 

- The police´s point of view - 

"Police! Open the door!" I said as I knocked hard on frontdoor. 
The door quickly opened as a man in suit came out the door with a smile. 
"Hello, how could I help you?" he said with a deep voice as I looked over at Peter, the other police men. 
"Are you Mr. Dyllan?" I looked over at him as he nodded. 
"Yes I am, is there a problem officer?" he said as his smile faded. 
"Could we talk with your son Jack Dyllan please? It´s about his friend, Leviana Taylor" I said as his mouth went wide. 
"I´m sorry, but we don´t have son. We only have a daughter at five named Scarlett" he looked at us as I looked shocked at him. 
"So you don´t know anyone with the name Jack Dyllan?" I said as he quickly shaked his head. 
"Well, thank you for your time sir" I said as he nodded as I grabbed my phone and called the police station. 
"There is no Jack Dyllan" I said as I heard a sight in the other end. 
"We know, there is no existence of a boy named Jack Dyllan. It´s a trick" the other end said as Peter looked at me confused. 
"We´ll be going to the hospital to talk with them" I said quickly and hanged up. 
"Jack Dyllan is not his name, it´s a trick. We´re going to the hospital" I said as Peter nodded. 
Next stop, the hospital. 

Thank you so much for 16 readers and over 7.000 ++ reads. It means so much. Thank you so so much, I will try to update more now I promise. Love you guys, thanks for the hope. 

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