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"Have they found out what happend with the house? The f-fire" I asked after laying in Luke´s arms in my bed. I know it must sound so romantic, and really that´s what I wanted it to be but he´s my brother now. Or stepbrother. Or friend. Boyfriend? "I thought your parents had talked to you?" he looked questioning at me while I shaked my head looking at him. "Tayls, Ray sat the house on fire.. You know how your parents have been having a videocamera in the parking at your old house? They got Ray setting the house on fire on tap..." he said shaking almost and I sat up shocked. "WHAT? He couldn´t ! No, it must be a mis.." Luke interrupted me. "I have seen the tape, it´s Ray" he sits up with me. "Noo" I try to clear my head. Ray wouldn´t do something like that. Never. "And they still haven´t found him after that Levi.." he took a break just looking worried at me. "The police think he is after you" and I felt tears coming down my cheek at that sentence. Me? "But-t he isn´t like that! He is nice, you.. You just have to meet him in a real way. He won´t do me anything.." I cryed out and Luke let me lean into his chest, making his shirt white shirt all black and wet. "I´m here, I will not let him get you. Never" Luke supported me and stroke my back. 

"One week later" 

Finally my left hand was good again, so I didn´t need bandage anymore so finally I could swim, or even just touch water. So because of this Ray-thing me and Luke have to be homeschooled, but really it so much more fun that I would think. We only have one teacher and he is like 36 years old and really cool. And we only have school in 3 hours, and just a little homework. So me and Luke hang out everyday and always have something to do. Or almost always. 

"I don´t know if I c-ca.." Luke interrupted me. "Tayls, come on! I will carry you out in the water if not" Luke smiled at me teasing. "Fine, but I will make my way out in the water myself" I smiled grumpy and stood up from the sand. I quickly took of my little beach dress and stood there afraid of the water in a USA bikini. "ONE TWO THREEEE" I could hear Luke scream behind me and before I could even turn around , I felt his arms around my waist carrying me to the sea. "LUKE" I screamed serious with a smile on my face, but he would not stop now. I felt the water fill my body with coldness and I started swimming like a dog before Luke even let me down. "I haven´t let you down and yet you swim like a dog? This is new" Luke joked and ran out in the water. 

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