Our love is like the wind....

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I walked up to the door with and took a big breath, this was the day after many years. 
I knocked on the door expecting anything but a smile, but the doors went wide and he came there with a big smile as she got in his arms smiling at me.
"Luke James, good to see you soon" Rick said as we handshaked with a smile.
"Come in Luke"  Raina said with a smile as I looked out the door. 
"Jenny, come´n girl" I said as my little girl with long brown hair came running with her pink summer dress with a big smile.
"Uncle Rick, I lost a teeth!" she screamed proud as she jumped into his arms as he lifted her up in his arms.
"Well honey, let´s go put that in a glass" he said with a little baby voice as she couldn´t smile bigger as they walked away into the kitchen. 
"She´s become so big" Raina said as I closed the door.
"Yeah, she grows everyday. The doctors says she is lucky in her condition" I said as I flashback to the first time I saw her sitting on the street only two years old alone. She had no family because her family had been killed in the war. That´s why I was there though, I was a doctor in afghanistan when I saw her. There was something special with her, she reminded me so much of Levi. With her long wavy brown hair and her brown eyes. Of course I did not just grab her, but I watched her in three days just sitting there on the street struggling with breathing in the end. That´s when I decided to check her, and I found out she had a bad heart that she needed medicine for but she couldn´t afford it. She didn´t have anybody, we had checked her background and her family had been found dead two hours from here in a little town called Frashkna. So I adoptet her so she could get the medicin she needed and a good parent. Or sometimes a good parent because sometimes I have no idea in what I am doing. I just feel lost. 

"How´s Chris?" I sat down in their couch as Raina found Tee to me. 
"Oh, he have never been better. He just finished up his college and now he is engaged with Sophia Brutlock. She is a very fine girl, really smart" she smiled to me as she sat on the other side of me in a chair as she handed me my Tee. 
"Dad look, I found a photo of mom" Jenny came in running with a little photo as she sat up in the couch with me and handed me the picture.
And there she was, my little birdy with her long brown wavy hair in the age maybe 15, the year before I came. She looked beautiful as always.
"Dad, why does mom have hair here?" Jenny looked up at me as I smiled as I remembered what Levi would have said.
"She got her magic hair back again" I said with a smile as Jenny stroke the picture with her hands.
"She´s so beautiful" Jenny said with her little voice as I smiled.
"How old are you now Jenny?" Rick asked childish as she pointed four fingers at him.
"Are you four?! Wow, that´s old" he said as she laughed her adorable laugh.
"You know she would´ve been proud of you Luke, you have done well" Raina smiled at me as she clapped my knee.
"We are proud of you" Rick said as the moment went away.
It all did with a smile as I remembered back 5 years as I held Levi in my hands. 5 years ago now.
But she is still here with the wind like she said she would. 
Our love is like the wind, you can´t see it but you can feel it.  

This was the last part guys, thank you for 15000++ reads. It means a lot. 

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