bloody mary

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"Levi, you´re getting kinda white in your skin. Are you sure your feeling ok? I will get a doctor for you honey, you just wait here..." I interrupted mom in her sentence but before I could even speak she was out the door in a hurry. 
"She can be a pain in the ass sometimes I tell you" I turned my face to Luke again as he smiled as always.
"She just wants what best for you" Luke tried to calm me down from my annoying moment as he just grabbed my hand.
"So, when are you getting your test results back?" he looked at me worried with his cute brown tired eyes as he tried to smile. He needed sleep so bad. 
"Don´t know, I just don´t c..." I stopped as I coughed into my hand. God, this was hard.
"Stop looking at me like that , I´m fine. It´s not like I´m d..." I looked stright at my hand as I saw the red. Blood. 
"I just want to make sure everything is ok with you, you´re my girlfriend and it´s my job. And I love my job" he said as he came closer with his face to kiss me.
"L-l-luke.." I said really weak as I turned my bloody hand so he could see it.
"Wha-a-a-a...? WHAT THE HELL! I´m getting a doctor in here" he started freaking out as he jumped up from my bed and ran out the door.
All alone.

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