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"You were great Taylor" dad hugged me as I walked of stage. 
"You rocked it!"  my brother screamed happy as he had a t-shirt with my face on it. He is a big fan. 
"Oh god, I told you not to get one of those!" I smiled as I pointed at his t-shirt.
"What? Pssh, my lady got it for me" he said as he pushed Luke in his arms as he laughed.
"Sorry dud, but that´s my lady" Luke pointed at me as my brother smiled awkward as he went away. He never liked this romantic shit, just like me. But believe me, my brother could have so many girls he wanted with his looks.

"Leviana honey, it´s dinner" my mom knocked on my door as wipped away my tears right before she came in smiling. 
"Is something wrong? Do you feel pain? I will get Rick up here, and Dr.Spaiks" she said worried as she laid her hand on my shoulder as I grabbed it to stop her.
"Don´t , I´m fine... Just tired" I smiled as my mom sat down on the floor with me. She never did that. She always had high heels on and some expensive dress. Just like today, just like model. 
"Honey, what´s wrong?" she took my hand as a tear felt from my eye.
"Nothing, just tired" I said as I laid back in my bed as I didn´t want my mom to look at me.
"Fine, but you know I´m here. Now, dinner is down so come on you rockstar" she smiled as slowly stood up from my bed and followed her downstairs as everyone was around the table.  But not Luke. 
"Where´s Luke?" I looked at my dad as he nodded.
"He left for a walk, needed space I guess" he said as my smile went down.
"What? But it´s pouring outside!" I said shocked as I ran out in the hallway as I stepped into my low black converse as I only had a pair of short shorts on me and a big hoodie. I liked it like that.
"Taylor!" My mom yelled, but I couldn´t let Luke be out here alone. It´s all my fault. It´s even his birthday.

"LUKE" I yelled as I walked with the road. I had walked in maybe 15 minutes in pouring rain with no Luke.
"EY LUKE" I screamed on more time as I finally saw a black shadow in the dark.
"Taylor?" I heard a weak voice say as I ran closer to the shadow.
"What are you doing out here? WHAT THE HELL LUKE" I screamed as he looked at me. 
"It´s my first birthday without them" he finally said as I realised it all. He missed them, he missed his parents.
"Oh Luke" I said as I hugged him tight, and I could feel his head burry down in my shoulder. He needed me. He really needed me.
"They will never see me grow up, never" he said weakly as I hugged him tighter and tighter. I just wanted all his pain to go away, all of it. He didn´t deserve this. Nobody does. 

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