I love you Leviana Taylor .

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- Luke´s point of view -

"WHAT THE HELL Christopher?!" Raina yelled as she took on the lights. My eyes slowly went up to the light as I saw Rick holding a shovel in his hands. With blood on it. 
"That was so not me!" Chris snapped at mom as Raina froz from looking stright at Taylor laid on the floor bleeding. 
"Tayls, hello?" I quickly sat on the floor with her as the blood wouldn´t stop.
"I was just going to scare her! I promise, but I tripped in that fucking ball on the floor..." he said as he walked to the left and right, and didn´t know what to do. He freaked out.
"Tayls, you´re going to be ok? You hear me" I whispered to her as her eyes went down and her little smile faded away.
"Hi, we need an ambulance to Raina and Rick Taylors. Our daughter got hit in the head and has a pretty big cut on her arm where her vein. She is bleeding a lot, please hurry" she talked really fast as she threw her phone in the wall.
And then she just stood there, totally silent. 
"Ey Raina!" I screamed as she wouldn´t move. Not even a look.
"Chris, could you please  check on Raina?" I yelled as Rick looked at me with weird eyes. 
"YEAH" he said quickly as he walked over to Raina, but before we knew it Raina fell over. Right down on the floor.
"Taylor please please, hold on! I love you, you hear me!" I laid down on the floor with her as I couldn´t think of anything else then her smile. Her cute little smile when she giggled a little at my serious face.

I love you Leviana Taylor.  

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