De Carne & Hueso [Nick Jonas] by PaoValdivielso
De Carne & Hueso [Nick Jonas]by Pony Jonas Jauregui
Segunda parte de "Amor de Engaño" "Y al otro lado de la noche, mi alma se enfrenta al horizonte. Abre las alas, cruza las aguas, llega al camino que se es...
  • jonas
  • selena
  • engaño
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My Brother's Best Friend by KyraBradburry
My Brother's Best Friendby Kyra Bradburry
it's about a girl named Haley who was raped by her brother's best friend and got pregnant she starts falling for him but leaves with her other brother....
  • zac
  • adam
  • haley
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Wygrałaś || Justin Bieber by Confid3nt
Wygrałaś || Justin Bieberby Confid3nt
Mówią, że w świecie nielegalnych wyścigów, nigdy nie było miejsca dla kobiety. Jednak wszystko można zmienić. Szkoda tylko, że nie na zawsze, bo jeśli coś ci się udaje...
  • wygrałaś
  • wyścigi
  • niebezpieczeństwo
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The Plan by xLenjax
The Planby Lenja 🌹
Wat als je leven al gepland is voor je geboren wordt?
  • goed
  • wattpad
  • spannend
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She Came in Like a Wrecking Ball (girlxgirl) by MyHeartIsForTheFoxes
She Came in Like a Wrecking Ball ( Mariah ZombieBrains
A story about a girl who meets Miley Cyrus and changes her whole world.
  • miley
  • love
  • california
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{Groupchat - Jariana} by Eliqzi
{Groupchat - Jariana}by Ellie 🔮
a groupchat
  • alfredo
  • kendall
  • chaz
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11 Minutes by rejoiceo
11 Minutesby
*Mark's phone rings* *picks it up* 1 Minute "Hey babe, wanna hang out, just the two of us? 2 Minutes "Uh... Sure, why?" 3 Minutes "Oh, nevermind. I h...
  • breakup
  • brokenhearted
  • crazy
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O kas jei tai meilė_H.S (short) by LauraStyne
O kas jei tai meilė_H.S (short)by Layra
Pagrindiniai veikėjai: mergina Katerina(Miley Cyrus) vaikinas Harry(Harry Styles)
  • harry
  • miley
  • jei
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Ist es Liebe? Shawn Mendes Fanfiction by jt39bobi
Ist es Liebe? Shawn Mendes jt39bobi
Liebe kennt keine Grenzen. Eine außergewöhnliche Liebesgeschichte in der Shawn Mendes die Hauptrolle spielt. Aber lest am besten selbst! - Ich sah in ihre mit Tränen g...
  • shawnmendes
  • trauer
  • miley
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apocalyptic love. | jb x ag by femalerebell
apocalyptic love. | jb x agby ♡
Ariana and Justin are two teenagers. What happens when everyone starts eating one another? inspired by the tv and game series 'the walking dead.' p.s. this story is focu...
  • thewalkingdead
  • dead
  • surviors
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chinese myths and urban legends by whatisupdemi
chinese myths and urban legendsby being a Lovatic
hello! we all love horror and spooky things or? we know chinese noodles, tofu ,the lampion firmly and beautiful skylines well i believe that knows all, but do u know the...
  • allah
  • miley
  • demi
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Eighteen  by killianmalik
Eighteen by killianmalik
Part two
  • danielle
  • niall
  • miley
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RUN // THOMAS // TMR by JayKatti25
RUN // THOMAS // TMRby Charli
She woke up in the box with only one thing she truly knew, one thing she truly understood. Her first name, Brooklyn. Another thing she knew for a fact, was that she...
  • deathcure
  • newt
  • themazerunner
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The Other Man by kate_lee0825
The Other Manby Kate Lee
Selena married Taylor young and her love faded fast after the troubles of marriage. What would happen when someone from Taylor's past met Selena by chance and told her t...
  • nick
  • joe
  • taylor
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The Reddest Eyes by Mangopaw101
The Reddest Eyesby Mangopaw
She just wanted to run away from it all. Her friends are dying her brother is scared. She keeps having recurring dreams of fire, but when she wakes u0 to find that the f...
  • reddesteyes
  • darkestminds
  • mind
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Miles to Go by G-Skye
Miles to Goby Skye Blood
I DO NOT OWN THIS BOOK. This is for reading purposes only. "There are multiple sides to all of us. Who we are and who we might be if we follow our dreams."...
  • cyrus
  • miley
  • mileycyrus
All Tmnt Pics by RaphIsBae13
All Tmnt Picsby DAEJA
  • splinter
  • raph
  • april
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La fille de Lucifer by miles-mustang
La fille de Luciferby Miley Aaron
Revoir Papa... mais aussi l'aider. Tel était le but de Miley, mais aussi de découvrir la vie que son père mène avec brillo dans le monde des humains. Le père et la fille...
  • miley
  • maze
  • morningstar
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Don't Let Me Go (Jelena) by Dreamer4evah
Don't Let Me Go (Jelena)by Harlequin
  • demi
  • zacefron
  • bieber
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That's Just Life by zoey131106
That's Just Lifeby zoey131106
Meet Aria, a girl that struggles to understand everything around her. She feels she only has her brother there for her, to care and love her like a parent should. She h...
  • hereforyou
  • teen
  • abuse
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