Hi you

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"Hi you" my dad said with his sweet voice as he stepped into my room with me laid down in bed. "Is it dinner?" I said with my morning voice and sat up. My head felt dizzy after all the sleeping, I have to stop taking powernaps. "Soon, have you talked to Luke yet?" he sat down in my bed with me and I shaked my head. "Levi.." I interrupted him. "Taylor.." i corrected him and he nodded. "Taylor, can´t you talk to him? You can tell him how your school works.." I interrupted him again. "You mean private school with robots?" I looked annoyed at him and he nodded unhappy. "You know your mom is just afraid for you, but please just talk to him?" he asked me looking me stright into the eyes so I had to say yes. "Fine, I will" I smiled a little to him and he leaned in for a quick hug. 

"Getting settled?" I walked into Luke´s room with him sitting in his bed looking thru his bag. "Yeah, soon" I sat down in his bed with him try to look what´s in his bag. "So tell me, is your mother always so robotly?" He laughed a little and looked up from the bag and me with his brown eyes. "Yeah, or just when we have visiters. She can be normal sometimes"I smiled and looked away from his beautiful eyes. "So tell me, any boyfriends I should watch out from?" He smirked my way and I could see his dimples. So cute. "I go to a robot school, so no" I smiled more and his smile faded. "Robot school, as in private school?" he looked serious at me and I nodded. "Aren´t we just lucky?" I joked and he smiled more. "Our school is filled with stupid robots that needs to perfect and all that shit. We´re the richest tough" I laid down in his bed and I could feel his looks at me. "You´re not a robot, so I will just hang with you" his words burned down in my skin. Nonono. But before I could do something or say something, dad called us down for dinner. 

"So Luke, are you looking forward to school tomorrow?" mom smiled her smile in Luke´s way and he nodded. "Yeah, it will be cool" he said nodding his head. "Have you talked to Chris after he left?" I looked up at dad, but he waited for mom to answer. "Christopher? He could just an hour ago" she smiled and took one more bite. I could see Luke smiling at the name Christopher, and I would to but mom would be all like annoyed.  "You know he don´t like that name right?" I asked her and she nodded. "But his name is Christopher dear" she smiled her fake smile to me, the smile I have lived with for two years now. "Don´t smile to me if your not gonna smile a real one" I snapped at her quiet but she heard it. "Excuse me?" she looked shooked at me and dad gave me a trouble look. "Nothing, I´m just not hungry. Thanks for food" and with that I left the table and went outside for some air. We lived in the country side, really weird. People would always be like "nothing, nothing..BIG BIG BIG HOUSE" when they drived here. It were raining, but really I didn´t care. I loved rain. I walked a hour walk thinking and remembering how mom used to be before this robot came. I were lucky it was raining because if not, I would be stalked by many papparazzi´s now. "Ohh, it´s Rick Taylor´s daughter! Pictures now" I could hear them scream in my head. I hated papparazzi´s, all they did were stalking people´s life and bring them down. 

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