Before it gets better

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"Hi you, how are you?" dad looked up at me as I opened my eyes slowly in my hospitalbed. 
"My head is killing me.." I said weakly as I looked right into dads eyes as he sat in the chair next to my bed smiling.
"You´ll get better soon, you just need more blood. Only one week in hospital now and than you´re free" he smiled to me as he grabbed my hand and I slowly squeezed it. 
"Where´s everybody?" I said in my sleepy voice as the doctor came in smiling.
"Work and school hun" dad smiled to me before he turned his head to the doctor as the doctor looked down on some papers in his hand.
"How are you doing Leviana?" the doctor smiled up from his papers as I just looked at dad so he could answer. I´m to weak to speak to much really, the doctors want me to just be calm a while now.
"She says her head hurts, but thats just because she needs more blood in her body right?" dad looked questning at the doctor as he nodded.
"That´s one of the reasons, yes. You lost a lot of blood last week after you just disappeared with open cuts and bruises. But at your last ultraphotos we have seen something we need to watch a little bit more of, so we are going to take some more tests and we need to move you to another floor...." my dad interrupted the doctor worried.
"Wait, there can be more damage than we thought?" dad said with his worried voice as he squeezed my hand tight.
"Yes, I´m afraid so. We can´t tell right away what it is before we know for sure. I´m so sorry" the doctor smiled his sorry face to us as he walked out of the room in silent.
Silent filled the room. Thoughts filled my head.
"D-dad, am I gonna....die?" I broke the silent as I looked at dad worried.
"Cake time! Who wants cake? Only one more week in this sad place!" mom came into the room with cake in her hands smiling all the way before she saw our sad faces.
"What?" Mom stopped as she looked at both of us as her smile faded.
"The doctor says it might be more damage to Levi than we thought, they´re gonna take more tests and move her to another floor" dad looked at mom as the cake in her hand slowly hit the floor as mom froz.  

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