❥|| Lets Try Again

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"Sunny?" Minghao called out for the girl, opening her studio door slowly.

Sunny couldn't hear him, music was playing loudly in her ears. Her favorite song was playing through her headphones. Sunny was writing things down on her papers that were sitting on the desk in front of her, lyrics for something new coming up.

"Sunny." Minghao said, tapping the girls shoulder.

Sunny let out a small scream and quickly pulled the headphone out of her ears. She looked at the boy and turned back to her papers. Sunny tried to ignore Minghao as he called for her again.

Finally, he just turned her chair to face him and started talking whether she wanted to listen or not.

"I'm sorry Sunny. Can't you forgive me?" Minghao asked.

"No." Sunny said coldly.

She stood up and walked out of the room, leaving Minghao alone. It was true. She couldn't forgive him, after everything. She knew it was his feelings and she understood that everyone was allowed to feel what they do. She just felt anger because of her break up with Mingyu and it happened because of Minghao.

That's how it went all day. Minghao trying to talk and Sunny just ignoring him. It got to the point where Wonwoo had to push Sunny to talk to him because she wouldn't do it on her own.

"Talk to him." Wonwoo said.

"No." Sunny repeated the word over and over no matter how many times Wonwoo told her to talk to Minghao.

"You're ruining a friendship that you know is important to you." Wonwoo said.

"...and?..." Sunny asked. She knew she loved their friendship, this was the hardest thing ever for her.

She left the room. Looking both way as she searched for Minghao. Wonwoo watched as she started to look for the boy she fought with, giving off a small smile as he finally thought that all of these problems would be fixed.

She walked slowly through the building. Maybe he was sitting in the same place she left him. As she slowly opened her studio door, she saw Minghao sitting in the same place. His head was in his hands.

"Minghao..." Sunny said softly.

He looked up and just stared at her.

"I'm sorry for ignoring you. I shouldn't have done that, it was immature. I don't want to damage our friendship... it means a lot to me and I just don't want to ruin it." Sunny said, sitting down in her seat gently.

"I forgive you. Unless you forgive me." Minghao said, sitting back.

"I forgive you Minghao. I understand that feelings just can't be set aside." Sunny said, smiling.

The two still had a lot to work on from their fight since no one just snaps back into a routine just like that. Talking to each other had to be worked on once again and so did working together, understanding each other.

"Let's try again, okay?" Sunny asked, the boy nodding as they just sat there in awkward silence for a while.

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