Chapter 34: Due time

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Grace's Pov:

Its been a few weeks and the due time was anytime. Xavier was more cautious for some reason and i dont know why.

We were now in the car and was going to Xavier's house. His parents were organising a small dinner which the guest were us, Skylar, Ryan, Martha and Roger.

We got ready and made our way there. We reached soon as there was no traffic.

 We reached soon as there was no traffic

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(Grace's outfit)

"Hey big momma." Skylar said and i playfully glare at her. I hate that name.

"Hey yourself." I said. Her baby bump was big now and was clearly shown on her dress.

 Her baby bump was big now and was clearly shown on her dress

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"Settle yourself in the kitchen dear. I am almost done cooking." Amanda said from the kitchen. Xavier went and joined the boys. They were talking about some security things. They wouldn't let us know anything else. I walked into the living room and saw Martha.

"Hey mom." I hugged her and she chulcked.

"How is my grandchild?" She asked and i chulcked.

"Healthy and is going to pop out soon." I said and both her and Skylar chulcked.

We sat and started to talk. Soon Amanda came and joined us. The boys were still talking about something and Xavier looked tensed. I knew he wouldn't tell me anything because he dont want me to stress out.

We were all interupted when someone start banging onto the front door.

"What the hell?" Amanda said looking at Nathan.

"Stay here. We are going to check." Xavier ordered and i arc an eye brow.

They went out and we looked at each other.

"What the hell is happening? Ryan is not even telling me anything." Skylar said and we sighed.

"I just know its something about security." I said.

"Dont take too much stress girls. It not good for the baby." Martha said worriedly.

"Its easier said than done." Skylar murmured and i nodded.


Our eyes widened and both Martha and Amanda cursed under their breath.

"That bitch is back." Amanda said walking to the door. We followed her and saw Samantha at the door. She was again with Britney.

What the heck do they want now!

"Oh so it was true! You really got pregnant." Samantha said looking at me.

"Oh my god. Your body is going to be out of shape now." Britney said looking at me in disguist while i glared at her.

"What do you want now?" I asked angrily.

"Since Xavier broke the contract i order you to divorce him and came back home!" Samantha said and i looked at her in disbelieve.

"What the fuck!" Xavier yelled angrily.

"How the hell can you ask me to do that?" I asked and she smirked.

"I am your mother and if you dont listen to me i will go to the police station and put a case on Xavier that he kidnapped you from us." She said her smirking more evil. And it only anger me more.

"No Samantha. You can't ask her that!" Martha argued.

"She can and i will take Grace place. So you better abort that child cause it isn't going to have a father figure. You will be a disgrace." Britney said smirking and i clenched my fist.

"Who the fucking hell are you to decide with who i should stay? This is my wife and my child. Touch them and women or not i will fucking kill you." Xavier roar angrily.

"I want my daughter back. The child you can keep it." Samantha said.

"What the heck! I am not going to look after that kid. Keep it with you." Britney said.

"I am not your daughter. You may have gave birth to me but you were never a mother figure to me. You left me in the care of your servant when i was just 3 days old! And for that i should thank you because today i am here because of them. They took me in and care for me! Martha and Roger are my mother and father. You are just a disgrace and a bladdy gold digger!" I snapped and felt my back ached. I knew i was going to have another contraction soon.

"You fucking bitch you should really watch your tongue!" Samantha glared at me.

"You will get a divorce and Britney will take your place. If you want to keep the child its not my problem!" Samantha yelled again.

"I will never get a fucking divorce just to satisfy you! For once i got what make me happy and i am not going to leave it just for a gold digger like y- oh my god!" I hissed in pain as i hold my baby bump.

"Shit Gray!" Skylar hold my arms as i try to catch my breath. My eyes widened when i felt a liquid on my leg.

Oh baby!

"Grace you ok?" Xavier ran to me and looked at me worriedly.

"I-i think my water just broke." I said and his eyes widened.

"Oh shit!" He murmured still looking at me.

"Son take her to the hospital we will look after these two." Roger said looking at me worried.

"Y-yeah." He said holding my arms. It was not hurting too much but the contraction were more frequent than normal and more painful since the baby was on my bladder.

"Wait i am not done with you!" Samantha yelled and Xavier take a sharp turn toward her.

"Believe me you are fucking done. If anything happen to my child or my wife be ready to pay the consequences. I will not fucking leave you in peace." Xavier said coldly and Samantha gulped wide eyed.

Xavier walked us toward the car silently. I could felt him tensed and he kept on clenching his hand hard.

"Hey..." i said firmly making him look at me. I cupped his face and kissed him.

"Relax. Everything is going to be fine." I said when we pulled away.

"How? What if something happen to her. Your water broke just when you were too stress and-"

"Xav everything is fine. It was her due time and i guess she want to come out now so let's not make her wait ok?" I said and he nodded. He pecked my lip before driving.

"Wait! We need to go home and fetch my bag. There are the baby clothes and diapers in it." I said and he nodded.



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