Chapter 26: Wedding eve

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Grace's Pov:

The days passed by in blur. Before i knew it, it was already the eve of our wedding. I was now staying with Amenda as the groom could not see his bride before the wedding.

Xavier was not fine with it but when Amenda scolded him he had no choice but to agree. He was more protective about me after we went to the doctor.

The doctor confirmed that i was two week pregnant. He even makes us listen to the small heartbeats of our child. Xavier's eyes were glued on the monitor looking amazed by what he was seeing.

I had to ask Skylar to keep it a secret and not to tell anyone i was pregnant. She only told Ryan so we had to ask him to keep it a secret too.

"What are you thinking Sweety?" Martha asked and i smiled.

"Nothing. Just nervous" i said and Skylar scoffed.

"You are more likely thinking about Xavier right now." She teased and i rolled my eyes.

"Was not!" I argued and she chulcked.

"Whatever makes you sleep at night"

"So Grace you want some chocolate?" Amenda asked and i nodded eagerly. During these past days, i noticed that i ate more chocolate and i blamed it to the baby. Skylar chulcked knowing why i said yes.

My phone vibrated and i looked at my phone.

Hey babe did you eat?- Xav baby

Yes i did and you?-G

His replies were quick so i guessed he was home with Ryan, Roger and his dad.

Roger knew Xavier's dad Nathan as they met before at some meeting with my dad.

Just finished. And did you take your pills?- Xav baby

Here we go again..

Yes i did dad!!-G

oh baby its daddy but please keep that to bed will ya ;)- Xav baby

I felt my cheeks heat up.

Whatever xav bye- G

Wish i was there to see you blushing and yeah please sleep early, tomorrow its a big day and you are going to get tired more. And its not good for the baby- Xav baby

Yes i will and please dont be drunk tonight or else you wont be able to wake up tomorrow- G

I know baby and i need to go right now. Love you see you tomorrow ;)- Xav baby

Love you too see ya-G

"And she is talking to her fiance again" Skylar said and i rolled my eyes.

"Here Grace." i looked up and saw my favourite chocolate.

"Xavier told me to give you these because he forgot yesterday." She said and i nodded. I smiled as i knew Xavier lied. He did buy me some yesterday before i went to bed. Its been our routine since the visit at the doctor.

He remembered and gave it to his mom for tonight. How can i not love this man?

I opened it and started to eat it.

The door bell rang and Amenda stood up.

"I will get it." She said and went to the front door.

"Who can it be at this hour?" Martha asked and we shruggled.

"Its kinda late." Skylar added and i nodded.

"Its already 8!" I said looking at the clock in the room.

"I know she is here i just want to talk to her!" A familaire voice shouted from the living room. Skylar and i share a confuse look as Martha stormed at of the room.

"Don't you think we should go downstairs and see what's happening?" Skylar asked and i nodded.

"Lets go!"

We walked downstairs and the shouting were more.

"Call her here!" The person shouted. We walked into the living room and saw Samantha and my cousin Britney.

"There she is." Samantha said glaring at me.

"Pack your stuff we are going!" She ordered and i arc an eye brow.

"Where are we going?" I asked

"Home! Britney here will take your place at the wedding!" She said and my eyes widened.

What the fuck!

"You've got to be fucking kidding me!" I said and she glared at me harder.

"No am not kidding. Now stop being a bitch and pack your stuff. Britney go and settle down dear." She said and when i looked at Britney she was smirking at me.

"She is not going anywhere in my house Samantha!" Amanda stated sharply.

"Too bad. She is your new daughter in law now so spare the talk!" Samantha said proudly.

"This bitch is not going anywhere but with you at your house. So both of you get the fuck out of here!"  I said clenching my hand in a fist. The nerves of these people!

"Dont you swear in front of me young lady. And go and pack your freaking stuff. I dont have all night!" She hissed. Just when i was going to make a comeback another voice echoed in the room.

"She is not going anywhere!"

We turned and saw Xavier and the boys at the door. Xavier looked deadly cold when glaring at Samantha.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and when i looked i saw Skylar smiling weakly at me.

So she was the one who called them!

"Xavier son. Britney is more suitable for that wedding and believe me she will replace her in no minutes!" She said and pointing at me in disgush.

"I dont give a fuck about who is suitable or not for the wedding. All know is that i want Grace to be my wife and she will be." Xavier snapped at Samantha.

"Look i dont know what she promised or what she make you say but i swear i am better than her!" Britney said walking closer to Xavier.

"I dont need anyone beside her put that in your mind!" Xavier hissed angrily.

"Samantha take her and get out of my house!" Xavier's dad said calmly.

"No she has to be Xavier's wife-"

"Ok enough! You know what Samantha tell your husband that i cancel the deal with him. I will no longer be a part of his fiance department. And when he ask you why then have fun to tell him why i said that. Now get out of here!" Xavier said and Samantha's eye widened.

"You can't do that!" She said but Xavier chulcked darkly.

"Oh i can and i already did!" He said and Samantha turned toward me angrily.

"You! Its all because of you!" She shouted and leaned toward me. My eyes widened and i take some steps back. Just when she was about to grab me a large figure came in front of me.

"Dont you fucking dare touch her!" Xavier snapped.

"Ryan call the security!" Skylar said and he nodded. He ran outside while Xavier block Samantha from reaching to me.

After a few seconds two security guards came and grabbed them.

"Don't ever let them in!" Nathan ordered and the guards nodded.

"If she cause problems feel free to call the police!" Amanda said before they left.

"Are you ok?" Xavier said turning to me.

"I am fine!" I said but he did not pay any attetntion to my words.

"She did not hurt you or the baby did she? If she did i swear i will not let-" Xavier ramble were cut of by some loud gasped.




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