Chapter 20: Xavier's Pov

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Xavier's Pov:

It has been twenty minutes already and the girls were still with my mom in the kitchen.

"Dont you think you should check out on your fiance Xav? I mean you know how your mom is." Ryan chulcked and i knew he was right.

Mom is really hard to deal with something. She loves to talk and while talking she always say everything even part where it should have been a secret.

"You are right. I should really check on her!" I said as i stood up.

"Dont worry she wont talk about the contract. I made her promise it to me." Dad said and i nodded.

"I will still go and check on Grace." I said and he nodded.

"What already missing her?" Ryan teased and i rolled my eyes. I did not bother to answer but walked into the kitchen.

"Aww look at her!" Mom said and i arc an eye brow. As soon as i reached the kitchen i saw a blushing Grace trying to hide her face as these two was talking about something.

"Stop it its not funny!" Grace said but Skylar only smirked.

"We both know its true Gray!" She said and Grace rolled her eyes.

"You both should really stop teasing my wife!" I said and their head snapped toward me.

"She is not your wife yet!" Skylar said and i rolled my eyes.

"Whatever she still is." I said and mom chulcked.

"Honey go and tell Ryan and your dad dinner is ready." She said and i nodded.


Dinner went by completely fine. We talked and laughed a lot. Beside when mom told my embarassing moment. Now i know how Grace was feeling when Martha talked about her.

Now mom was in the kitchen alone. It was the right time to talk to her.

"Mom." I said and she turned toward me smiling.

"Yeah sweetie?" She said and i sighed.

"I need to talk to you its kinda urgent." I said and she fowned.

"Ok what is it? Everything is good right?" She asked and i nodded.

"Nothing bad happened it just that i have a request to make to you." I said and she nodded to me telling me to continue talking.

"I know that when you are going to take Grace to buy her wedding dress you have to bring Samantha with you." I said and she groaned.

"Dont remind me. I dont stand by this bitch. Am sure she is going to look at herself more than Grace." She said and i chulcked.

"Well about that. I want you to bring Martha with you." I said and she arc an eye brow.

"Martha who?" She asked confused.

"Martha is one of Grace's maid. She was the one that served us dinner the day we went at their place." I said and she nodded.

"Yeah i remember her. She was a sweet lady." She commented and i agreed.

"Well Grace called her mom and i wanted to surprise Grace by making Martha go with you instead of Samantha. She really loves Grace as a daughter and Grace loves her like her own mother. So is it possible she go with you?" I asked and she nodded viguriously.

"Of course and am happy that it would be Martha than Samantha. This way i know i can enjoy my shoppings without having to glare at Samantha every moment." She said and i chulcked.

"Thanks mom!" I said and hugged her.

"No need to thanks me Xavier. I know how much you love her and today when you asked this i am very happy that you took care of her." She said and i chulcked.

"That i do." I said and she smiled.

"Dont worry Xav she will see it soon and then you will no longer complained." She said and i rolled my eyes.

"Am not complaining. Am just wishing we could be really together." I murmured and she gave me a weak smile.

"Its going to be alright. Dont worry."  She said and i nodded.

"Well i will go to her. I will let you finished this." I said and she nodded.

I walked to the living room where all of them were sitting now. I took a place near Grace as there was only one place left and that was beside her.

"What are you guys talking about?" I asked and Ryan smirked.

"Oh nothing much. Anyway when is the wedding?" Ryan asked and i felt Grace tensed beside me.

"In two weeks time or one month. I did not really thought about it." I shruggled and Skylar gasped.

"Are you serious right now?" She asked and i rolled my eyes.

"Son whatever you decide think well and be really careful. I had some bodyguard who caught some media people outside the house. They are all eager to see your future wife." My dad said and i sighed.

For a short period of time i completely forgot about the media. They were all silent during this time! Why now?

"Yeah they were like that for our wedding too." Skylar said and i sighed.

"I really dont know about that but i will try my best to let them out of all the wedding stuffs. I dont want them to spoiled anything. Maybe on the wedding night i will let them take some picture so that they stopped being too nosy." I said and they chulcked.

"They are always nosy. Thats why they work as the media." Grace pointed out and we laughed.

"Oh you did not wait for me before talking." Said mom as she entered in. I chulcked as she went and sat on dad's laps.

"Honny you are not longer young and neither am i." Dad said and mom arc an eye brow.

"And may i know why you are telling me that?" Mom asked and dad shruggled.

"Because you are not light and my legs hurt." He said and mom gasped. We burst out laughing while dad tried to take mom off his laps.

"Oh you are soo going to sleep on the couch for the whole week." Mom said and dad groaned.

We sobbered from out laughing as we watched them fight. I wrapped my arm around Grace shoulder and she leaned a bit on me.

This night couldn't be even better.



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