Chapter 33: Night

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Grace's Pov:

Its been some weeks since my baby shower. The baby started to kick and now it was really frequently. Every night i would sit waiting for Xavier to come and once he reached he would take a quick shower to talk to her.

Skylar and i did went shopping for the baby. I bought more girly stuff than Skylar. She bought unisex as she did not know the gender yet. Xavier and i took this opportunity to do the nursery room.

I was now only three weeks before my due date. I was tired, exicted, happy and impatient. Sitting at home sometimes were boring. I would told Xavier to bring me to Martha's house and there she would make my favourite Stawberry cake. When i went to Amanda's house my day would go reading all the books she had. They were really interesting.

My doctor said that my baby girl was doing perfect. She was developing much better and there was no complications. My belly was more bigger.

"Ah how's my two favourite girls doing?" Xavier asked bringing me out of my thoughts. My book was still on my laps. I smiled as he came to me and pecked my lips.

"Again in my shirt huh." He smirked and i shruggled.

"My own shirt stop fitting me." I said and he chulcked.

"I will take a quick shower and i will be back." He said and i nodded. He went in the bathroom without closing the door. He know that now i go to the toilet every 20 minutes. No kidding. The baby was like onto my bladder.

I closed my book and put it on the bedside table. It was 7 pm. I took the pregnancy pillow and adjust it behind  my back. My contraction were more intense but the doctor said it was normal as my due date was soon.

Xavier came out shirtless and sat beside me. He gave me his towel and i knew what he wanted me to do. I took it and rubbed his wet hair. I dont know why but i kinda like doing it and now he made it a routine.

Once done i gave it to him and he went to put it in the laundry basket. He came again and put his head on my laps.

"Baby girl you are going to be here soon and i will stop having your mommy all the time alone with me." Xavier said and i chulcked.

"Why would you say that?" I asked running my finger in his wet hair.

"Well for one you would stop doing that to me every night since she will be here with you." He said pointing at my hands in his hair. "For two you will spent more time with her during the day and at night since she is small."

"Xav are you seriously getting jealous of your own daughter?" I teased and he pouted.

"She is going to take you away from me." He fowned and i chulcked.

"Oh come on Xav you are making her upset." I said rubbing my belly. He reached up and kiss it.

"Sorry baby didn't mean to upset you." He said and i rolled my eyes. Just then she kicked hard and i gasped. I guess Xavier felt it too since his hand was on my belly and he looked at me wide eyed.

"Damn baby girl...." Xavier said and she did it again. I hissed in a pain rubbing where she hit slowly.

"Is it normal she do that?" Xavier asked concerned and i nodded.

"Her due time is near." I managed to say as this time another contraction happened. I breath in and out leaning back.

"Do you want to walk around?" He asked and i nodded.

"Can't we go to the park? I want ice cream." I said and he chulcked.

"Get ready i will take you." He said and i nodded.

I was already wearing my black leggings so i changed in one of ny shirt and put a jacket on since it was a bit chilly

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I was already wearing my black leggings so i changed in one of ny shirt and put a jacket on since it was a bit chilly.

Xavier put on a hoddie and came to me.

"Let's go." He said as i took my phone.


After 15 minutes we finally reached. It was crowded and there was many lights decorations too. Xavier and i walked the long of the park looking around. We were grateful that there was no papparazi or media guys around.

We walked to the ice cream store and bought our ice cream. We ate it quickly as it was melting now. We went near the lake and sat down. It was more peaceful and a bit windy.

"Its too windy here." Xavier said and i sighed.

"No its good. We like it." I said and he chulcked. I laid my head on his shoulder while looking at the lake.

"Next time we are coming here it will be with our little baby girl." He said and i nodded.

"So how many kids are we having after this little one?" Xavier wondered and i chulcked.

"That i dont know. Let this one come out first." I said chulcking.

xavier's pov:

Sitting here with her and imaginating my little princess running around was just amazing. The weather was chilly but she like it.

My phone vibrated and i took it out.

Where are you?- Ryan

At the park with Gray why?-Xav

My phones vibrated immediately and i fowned at the message.

Samantha just made a scene in front of your parents house. Keep Gray there. She will be more safer rn-Ryan

This bitch seriously have the nerve to do that! I looked at Grace and she was about to sleep. She looked so peaceful.

I called my house security.

"Yes sir?" He asked.

"What is happening there?" I asked

"Just two lady who refuse to leave. We did not open the gate as your father ordered us."

"Good. I am bringing Grace home right now and i want them to leave before i reach there. Call the police if they continue to resist but i want them away from my house." I stated.

"Yes sir!"

I hang up and shake Grace lightly.

"Hmm.." she responded still her eye closed.

"Come on baby let me bring you both home." I said and she lazily opened her eyes.

I hold her waist as she stood up. I did not want her to fall down as she was still sleepy. She let me and we walk to our car.


I was relieve when i reached home and saw no one. Only the security guys were there to open the gate.

"The police took them Sir." He  said and i nodded.

I entered in and took my sleepy wife to bed.



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