Chapter 17: Date

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Grace's Pov:

Its been two hours since we arrived home. Xavier went into his room while i walked into mine.

I decided to take a small nap as i was tired. When i woke up i notice it was almost time for us to leave so i decided to get dressed up.

Xavier did not presized where we were going and only told me to dress comfortably. I looked into my closets to find an outfit.

 I looked into my closets to find an outfit

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I wore a black dress and a black heel. I curled my hair a bit at the end and did a light make up. Just as i stepped out of the bathroom there was a knock on my door.

"Come in!" I said and the door opened. Xavier walked in looking completely handsome. His eyes widened when he saw me.

"You look... beautiful." He said and i smiled.

"You dont look bad yourself." I said walking closer to him.

"Ready to go?" He asked and i nodded.

We walked to the car and thr driver drove us somewhere. After 15 minutes i noticed we stopped by a restaurant. We stepped out and made our way in.

"Good afternoon. Reservation for Mr. Knight" he said and the counter boy nodded.

"This way sir." He said taking us to a table. We sat down and he gave us the menu.

"What do you choose?" Xavier asked and i shruggled.

"I dont know what to choose. Can you choose one and order?" I asked and he chulcked.

"Ok." He said and order.


Dinner went by pretty good. Xavier was talking about his parents and childhood. I laughed at almost every things he was saying. He openly talked about his life.

"Oh and before i forget. Mom want to meet us for dinner." He said and i nodded.

"When?" I asked.

"Tomorrow night. She wanted it today but i told her i was going to take you on a date so she told me tomorrow." He said and i nodded.

"Thats ok." I replied.

"Dont worry she is nice and beside my friend and his wife is also coming." He said and i nodded.

"Do i know them?" I asked and he shruggled.

"I dont think so their names are Ryan and Skylar." He said and i thought about it. Ryan this name sound familiar.

"Oh i know Ryan!" I said and he arc an eye brow.

"How?" He asked.

"He was the one who came to drop you home when you were drunk!" I said and he nodded.

"Oh so it was him." He murmured and i looked at him arcing an eye brow.

"What?" I asked and he shake his head no.

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