Chapter 29:Wedding day(3)

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Grace's pov:

After dinner everyone sat and talked among themselves. I was still sitting with Xavier on our dinning table.

"So now ladies and gentlement. Its time for the bride and her father dance." Someone said and i smiled. I saw Roger making his way toward me. He put his hand forward and i took it. We walked in the middle and let the music guide us.

"I am so proud of you sweetpie." He said and i smiled at him.

"Thanks dad." I said. I was really happy that i had Roger with me. My real dad Rick was not even present tonight.

"No thank you for letting me be your dad. I really loved every moment we shared together." He said and i blinked away my tears.

"Thank you for always being with me when my own blood aboundon me. I wouldn't have been able to handle everything on my own." I said and i saw the tears in his eyes.

I stopped dancing and hugged him. He hugged me tighter as cheers were heard around the hall.

"Now the bride and the groom dance."

Dad left me as soon as Xavier came. He took my hand in his and we started to dance.

"Why the tears?" Xavier asked and i shruggled.

"I am too happy." I said and he chulcked.

"Thats good. You should always be happy." He said and i chulcked. He turned me around so that my back was on his front. Our hips were swinging along the music. His arms wrapped securely around my waist.

"I love you." He murmured.

"I love you too." I said and turned around to wrap my hand around his neck.

We danced a little more till my feet were sore. I asked Xavier to stop and sit. He immediately agreed and make me sit beside Martha.

"Did you drink your medcine?" She asked and i shake my head no.

"I did not have them with me." I said and she sighed.

"Well what would you do without me?" She asked as she handle me my tablets. I smiled sleepishly and took them. I poured some water and drank it.


It was already 11 pm and we were still in the hall. I was beyong exhausted. All the guest leaved and so was the media. Everything was silent and dark outside.

"Let's go home babe. I know you are tired." Xavier said and i nodded.

I hugged everyone before going to the car. Xavier helped me to settle down and then he sat down next to me.

The driver drove us back home.


I almost fell asleep on the way back. I stepped out and walked inside. Xavier was right behind me. I sat down to remove my heels and throw them somewhere in the room and drop my bouquet on one couch. I felt Xavier unpining my hair and i let a relieved sighed. He noticed it and massage my hair for a little. I moan as it felt soo good.

I felt his hand going down my back to my zip and felt him tugged it. He slowly unzip my dress his hand touching my bare skin making me shiver. He put all my hair on one side and started to kiss my shoulder up to my jaw.

He stopped and i turned to see him removing his suit. I help him and teased him as i removed it slowly. He grabbed my hand and removes it himself. I chulcked as he glared at me.

"You are being such a tease." He said and i rolled my eyes.

"You started it." I said and gasped when i felt his cold hand on my bare back. He chulcked and tugged my dress down.

I wrapped my hand around his neck and kissed him. He immediately responded and i squealed as i felt myself being push on the bed. He straddled as he pinned my hands above my head.

"You ready babe?" He asked and i nodded.

"Answer me!" He ordered.

"I am ready." I said and he smirked.

"You are not going to regret anything tomorrow." He said but i did not wait for him to finish as i reach up and kiss him again.

Damn my hormones...

He break the kiss letting me breathe but he continue his kissing down. He kissed my jaws, neck, stomach, shoulder and anywhere he wanted to.

And we spent the night making love and not caring for anything. I was officially his and he was officially mine!


I woke up the next morning by kisses on my neck and chest. I opened my eyes and saw that Xavier was on me. Leaning on his elbow he smiled at me.

"Goodmorning my lovely wifey." He said and i smiled.

"Morning babe." I said and he started to leaned to kiss me but i stopped him.

He groaned and looked at me."Why would you do that?"

"My morning breath." I said and he rolled his eyes.

"Come on...." he whined.

"Let me go to the bathroom real quick then i will let you." I said and he sighed. He let me and i stood up. Xavier whistle and i looked at him confused.

"What?" I asked

"Nice view." He shruggled and when i looked down i saw that i was only in my underwears.

"Perv." I said walking to the bathroom.

"Just for you babe." I heard him said as i closed the door. I quickly brush my teeth and took a quick shower.

 I quickly brush my teeth and took a quick shower

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I tied my hair in a ponytail and walked out. Xavier was no where to be seen in the room so i walked downstairs.

The smell of bacon filled my nose and i smiled. I walked into the kitchen to see Xavier cooking. His bare back was facing me.

I walked and hugged him from the back. I tiptoed as i reach to kiss his cheeks. He noticed and chulcked at me.

"We are going somewhere for our honeymoon." Xavier said and i arc an eye brow.


"Surprise." He smirked.



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