Chapter 35: Alaïa Everlyn Knight

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Grace's Pov:

Before going to the hospital, Skylar joined us with Ryan. She couldn't hurry up but she did what she could. She helped me to bring some bags that Xavier forgot.

When we reached the hospital, i was sat on a wheel chair. I was breathing in and out trying not to panik because that was the only way to ease my contraction.

"Mr. Knight you will have to wait here as we need to changed her and do some test." One nurse said and he nodded looking at me.

The nurse took me to a room where i changed as i could. Then i was put back in the wheel chair. They took me to a room and made me laid on it.

"We will make some test to see when the baby will be out. Just breath in and out when you get any comtraction. Ok?" The nurse asked and i nodded.

She grabbed my hand and put some tubes. I let her do everything as i closed my eyes a little bit.

"I am going to call your husband in." She said and i nodded.

After a few minutes, i felt someone pass their hand on my head and i opened my eyes. Xavier stood there looking at me with a small smile.

"How are you feeling?" He asked

"Pained.. tired.. exicted and happy." I said and he chulcked.

"Now Xav how are you?" I asked and he sighed.

"Good." He replied.

"You sure? You can talk to me." I said and he nodded.

"I just feel bad that i couldn't stop Samantha and Britney from coming near you. They always do shit before leaving." He said  and i sighed.

"Xav i am fine. The baby is fine. Stop blaming yourself for nothing and stop thinking about them. Think about the small human that is going to pop out of me any seconds. She deserve to feel special." I said and he chulcked.

"Both of you are special to me Babe. No one can changed that." He said and i smiled.

"I love you Xav." I said and he smiled. He leaned and pecked my lips.

"I love you too babe." He said.

"Sorry to interupt but how are you feeling?"

We turned and saw the doctor.

"Uh the contraction are becoming worst. My back ached." I said and she nodded.

"Thats normal. And let me tell you that you are ready for labour. The next contraction you get will be the time for the baby to come out. So let'a not waste time and let do it." She said and i nodded.

Xavier remained by my side and grabbed my hand rubbing his finger on it slowly. Two nurses came in and started to hook some tubes again. The doctor was by my side all the time just like Xavier.

"Ok i will ask you to push when you feel the next contraction." The doctor said and i nodded. I felt it and did it.

"Good. Again do it. Breath in and out." She said and i did everything she told me.

"One last time and the baby will be out." She said as i painted. My energy was almost over.

"Come on my queen. You can do it. You are strong baby. I love you." Xavier said kissing my forehead and rubbing my hair slowly. I clenched his hand as i felt another contraction which took all my energy. I felt something being put on me and when i looked i saw the nurse putting a towel and then my baby.

 I felt something being put on me and when i looked i saw the nurse putting a towel and then my baby

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"Congratulation Mr and Mrs Knight." The doctor said as she handle me the baby. I felt my eyes filled with tears as i saw my little princess. I wrapped my arms around her to hold her. I looked at Xavier and saw him already crying.

"She is so beautiful." Xavier murmured and i nodded.

"Ma'am i will have to clean her up and we will shift you to another room where you can meet your other families." One nurse said and we nodded. They took her away from me and went to the other side of the room.

"You did it baby." Xavier said and i looked at him. He was smiling and crying. He sat beside me and cupped my face bringing his lips on mine. I kissed him back and he depended the kiss. We pulled away soon because i did not have too much energy left.

"You are really tired huh?" He asked.

"Y-yeah." I said and he nodded.

"Let them shift you then you can sleep." He said and i nodded. Some other nurse came and shift me up in another room. This room had two bed and a crib for the baby.

I leaned on Xavier as i try to stood up. He hold me firmly as we walked toward the bed.

"I would have carry you but i am scare i will hurt you more." Xavier said and i shake my head.

"Its ok i am fine." I said as i sat down slowly.

After a few minutes, the door opened and the nurse came in with our baby girl. I hold her as they handle her to me. She looked sleepy and so small. Xavier pass his hand on her cheeks.

"She is soo soft." He said making me chulcked.

The door opened again and then our family and friends came in. The girls squealed as they saw her.

"She is soo cute." Skylar cooed

"Congractes Grace." Amanda said hugging me.

"Oh my baby became momma." Martha said hugging me and i chulcked

"Congrates bro." Ryan said and bro hug Xavier.

"Sorry to interrupt you all but i need to ask the patience some questions." A nurse said coming.

"Its ok go on." Xavier said and the nurse nodded.

"So we have to make a report and some papers but for that i will have to ask you her name." The nurse said and everyone looked at us. I did not tell anyone about it yet. Only Xavier knew.

"So?" She asked and i smiled looking at my baby before saying her name and making everyone gasped.

"Alaïa Everlyn Knight."



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